About the treatment of mental disorders in Indonesia

Psychiatry in Indonesia rather weak, and the treatment is expensive. So many people with signs of mental disorders are sent to shelters, where they try to survive in inhuman conditions.

Pasung is the Indonesian term that translates as “restriction”. Very often it is used to identify the people contained in captivity, prison, or just in limbo.

Recently, Time magazine published an interview with Photographer Andrea star Reese, which from January 2011 until the end of 2012, lived in Indonesia and Photographed in shelters, schools and hospitals. Many of the patients did not have identified psychiatric disorders and have not been diagnosed. Patients were not observed any physical or mental disorder.

Pasung, banned since 1977, but is still widespread. Put in people who had noticed any symptoms of mental disorders. People resort to pasung when they cannot afford the medicines for treatment. Sometimes, people are sent to these hospitals for the purpose of security and protection of your own home, family or community.

Effective regional programs to help such people are very rare, and besides, are poorly funded. Common obstacles for Indonesians include access to meditsinskimi, treatment costs, and the lack of broad dissemination of basic information. Local and regional Indonesian officials recognize the important role existing private and licensed shelters, although aware of the existence of serious shortcomings.

Various data published by the government suggests. in Indonesia, about 600 to 800 psychiatrists, half of them based in Java. and half in Jakarta. Some still use only one diagnosis and one prescription. Recipes may not be available for several months because of lack. The lack of support from family can also lead to treatment failures. The Ministry of health oversees mental hospitals while shelters for the mentally ill are the submission of a separate Department.

Shamans and traditional healers continue to be popular choices mental health across the country. For Indonesians, it is better and cheaper is a fallacy to believe that spells and magic potions will save their health.

Mental illness is a disease that can be successfully treated, but as shown by this Photographic project of the medicines and treatment methods significantly increase the complexity, and make recovery almost impossible.

Andrea star Reese is a famous documentary Photographer from new York. Work from his project will be presented at the exhibition Visa Pour l’image 2013. Festival of Photojournalism held in Perpignan, France and will run until September 15.

This center is located on the outskirts of Jakarta. Medical center is a licensed facility government of Indonesia. They accept all, even the poor patients who cannot pay. The centre receives enough rice, noodles and vegetable oil for two months from local authorities. Treatment and medication are not provided here.

Evi lives in the asylum for over two years. She was fifteen years old when she first began to experience hallucinations. Her family pays for the accommodation.

By agus, Liana and Jarmoko live in cages and the center for alternative medicine. Jasono, the owner of the center learned about the unusual method of healing in Jakarta, and since then sprays water on men and women and gives them special herbal drink, being sure that it will help them be healed.

Pesantren METAL offers shelter for mentally ill women, as well as emotionally traumatized pregnant women and single mothers, some of them girls as young as ten years old. When the mothers leave the centre, the children remain. A large share of responsibility for the care of babies is carried out by boys and girls no older than twenty years.

College martial arts also provides assistance to the mentally ill. This school is about 200 students who suffer from mental illness. Training in martial arts and Herbal remedies are Central to the treatment.

Four years ago, when Alice was 24 years old, the family brought her to al – Salafiyah Bajgur – in an Islamic boarding school in Madura, East Java. In this center, people are completely isolated and locked in small rooms, they have no furniture and clothing. Last year the parents of this girl died and now she depends entirely on the owners of the school.

Here is the help former patients of the center.

In this center, small rooms were built for management and staff. Many men and women remain in the large cage in the indoor pavilion under a leaking roof with no access to any of the criteria.

Meta was taken to galuh with mental disorders, the case was complicated by the fact that the patient used drugs. For eight years she lives without their own houses, or rooms in one big cage with other women.

Maftukhah suffers from depression. After her husband left her to marry another woman, her family brought the girl to the center Yayasin Bina Lestari, to assist.

This is an unusual phenomenon, but this boy is being treated at the shelter for adults.

By agus sings in his cage, while singing the accompanying dance moves. The agus is in a separate cage, so the management center can ensure that the patient will not escape. A man trying to cure mental disorders by means of traditional medicine in a small private orphanage in Cilicap, Central Java.

The staff of the boarding school Bina Ahlaq undergo constant training and drills to respond in emergency situations.

A young woman in a pink dress name is Evi, she lives in the center Yayasin Lestari Bina. The treatment here is still not available.

The Fund Keris Nangtang based activists, there is help for the mentally ill homeless, drug addicted men and women. The center uses an exceptional herbal infusions for the treatment.

Anna’s father believes that the girl does not need much food. Her family laments because of the lack of improvement in her condition.

Nurhammed successful treatment of bipolar disorder, tells Saepudin that man may become better. For nine years he lived chained in a back room of his parent’s house. Most recently, his village came under medical equipment and now the man receives medications to treat.

Pondok Pesantren Bina Ahlaq is considered boarding school, and then charge you for your stay.

Gede chained to a pole in a shed behind the house mother, in a remote area of Bali.

Mustofa sole Manager and principal guardian in this village. The picture shows how a man cleans a 25-year-old patient named Akrom.

Didina, 25 years old, treated at the center Sanuk Abah, then watching him healer. Shamans and healers are the most popular and accessible healers of mental disorders in all areas of Indonesia.

Ikromudin Muhammad, 25, has been trained to have special powers. He helps men and women the healing. The ritual will last all day and night. Participants pray, drink herbal drinks, this ultimately helps them to enter a hypnotic trance. Subsequently, the patients will be purified from sins.

Namiratus, nine year old daughter of a folk healer who loves to help in the care of the men and women who live in the blocked part of her home.

Published: October 29, 2013. 11:13. Edited: 29 October 2013. 11:30.

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