Animals who know how to treat people

“Uh-uh, my friend, but you have a neurosis! Take you a cold shower and an hour ride on horseback – as a hand lift!”. Fun recipe, right? Especially about horses. But this is very real advice of highly respected physicians. And what is most interesting, indeed, as arm lift.

Treated at the stables

Even the name of this “cure” is invented – hippotherapy – therapy with horses. It is strongly recommended that, among other things, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, arteriosclerosis, polio, chronic gastro-intestinal diseases, prostatitis, scoliosis and even mental retardation.

Yes, fools from horses grow wiser, but show me a tablet that have the same effect? This is not? So-and-so!

Of course, come the objections: it is one thing, saying, be purchased at your local pharmacy the suitcase of drugs from the listed diseases (except, again, the last one), and quite another to be dragged God knows where in the stables (and where is it stable, try to find) and pay a lot of money for their own shame (to put it mildly, we have lost over the last century the riding skills). The habit to beat yourself an hour all the tender places, but still, it’s possible to earn there, in the stable or the paddock, traumatic brain injury.

From the sounds of “meow!”

Okay,let’s assume that the horse is too strong alternative to the bag of drugs. But let’s still not going to rush to pharmacists. Look on the sides. See, the cat purrs in the sun? He hurt a paw, licking and purring. I think he hums it to yourself to have fun? Nothing of the sort!

Scientists from the Institute of animal communication (NC, USA) for many years engaged in the study of the sounds produced by members of the cat family, found that the sound range of the purr of domestic cats is 20 to 50 cycles – accelerates the growth of bones and strengthens them by 20 percent. And own cat aura cures headache, inflammatory diseases, stabilizes heart function, strengthens the immune system. Hypertensive patients to substantially reduce the pressure, just a few minutes to play with the cat.

Interestingly, cats are able to help, even during breaking in “tied” alcoholics and drug addicts.

Watch out for the fish

Of course, the best “doctor” among animals is dolphins. Has long been considered indisputable the fact, that communication with dolphins helps children with down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Says Elena Butova, a doctor and head of the rehabilitation center Moscow Dolphinarium:

– We had a boy Oleg, he was brought in three years with a very severe form of cerebral palsy. Totally paralyzed arms and legs, head is poorly kept, but the little head – light. At first Oleg in the pool began to slowly revive the hands. The first two or three years he studied with the capture of goal: each session for 20-30 minutes Dolphin just put his hands on the ball and took away. Then Oleg the first time turned out the throw. Today he is a laureate of international competitions, plays the piano and flute.

Of course, many Dolphin and a horse – something unattainable. Then turn our attention to the aquarium fish. Though they are not dolphins, but healing abilities, of course, have.

Smooth moving of colorful fish in the clear water relieve stress any tension. In addition, watching fish helps in the treatment of some skin diseases – it was noted that the tank distracts the patient and gives him comb sores.

And even the very existence of the aquarium helps to prevent colds and asthma: the water evaporates and makes the air more moist and healthy, while the dry atmosphere increases the susceptibility to infections.

Hamsters and budgerigars

If you are forced to spend a long time in bed, one of the best therapists for you will be a Canary or a parrot. Also save the birds from depression, migraines, and in General, improve mood.

Communication with hamster, mouse, or rabbit helps in diseases of the joints. In addition, these animals help uncommunicative, not confident people to overcome fear of relationships with strangers.

Animals in General have a positive effect on those who have never considered themselves the soul of the company. In the U.S., for example, not so long ago were allowed to keep small animals and birds in nursing homes. The effect was striking. Older, long-alienated people, not for years left their rooms, and ignored even the wait staff started to communicate with others, discuss the behavior of the animals and, at the same time, their own problems, which in itself is good therapy.

By the way, according to psychologists, the ability to talk to animals, just to present him his opinion about anything or anyone, to tell about sore, being sure that you listen carefully and don’t set unnecessary replicas and impose silly advice, that is the most important therapeutic effect of animatherapy.

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The experience of Dr. Levinson

This term – animatherapy (treatment animals) – coined a new York doctor Boris Levinson. He first began widely to practice the treatment of people (primarily children) through communication with animals.

It all started, according to the recollections of the Levinson, with the visit of a young woman and a small, but extremely dark and closed for your child’s age. All the questions of the doctor, the child remained stubbornly silent, but showed some interest in doctoral a dog named Jingles.

The doctor decided to take a chance and allowed the boy to play with the Jingles. After some time, the dark child was gone, first he was gently talking to the dog, and then gradually began to meet the doctor.

Levinson has embraced the experience. Soon in the doctor’s office, in addition to dogs, there was a cat, and after – aquarium fish.

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