Unfortunately, not all modern oncologists understand the need for anti-relapse and maintenance treatment anticancer herbs and therefore advise against their patients. Most of these nepriemyshi herbal medicine specialists do it sincerely, they studied and worked most of his life in a time when herbal treatment for cancer was considered quackery, prosecuted and punished. And they don’t understand that the situation changed and worldwide Oncology turned to medicinal plants and only in Russia all this is done with a delay, slowly.

Unfortunately, there are more self-confident and oncologists. When it hits the patient with an early stage of cancer, he said: “I did my best, I’m completely cured, you’re fine, no healers, herbalists don’t go, no way get well”. When such oncologists this patient is through several years with stage IV, the poor fellow or his family say: “Alas, medicine is powerless”. And again I suggest: “no heal, all to no avail, to no healers, herbalists do not go, do not waste their money on grass, better on this money buy a sick fruit”.

She strikes me as the advice – when balneabile the maximum chances of a full recovery (I – II stage), the specialist gave him to use herbs. The patient raised the metastases, came to him already had stage IV – still does not give him this opportunity, the ideal fruits to consume. What kind of fruit instead of herbalism in the face of death. This same man, he wants to live, he has a chance to slow down tumor growth herbs, even if they are minimal, but they should be used, it is necessary to fight every month, because there is always the hope that six months or a year, and perhaps earlier, scientists will find an effective remedy for the form of cancer that affects the patient, and you just have to try to survive until the advent of this drug.

What fruit can replace the herbal medicine. Yes, for the money, which the patient will pay for medicinal herbs, he could buy fruit. Just no apples with bananas will not add to it nor days of life or joy before death.

Certainly not the oncologist, advising to spend the money on the fruit is the patient hopeless, guilty that he can not offer the patient the most modern and very expensive chemotherapy drugs – for the majority of citizens, despite all the guarantees and the Constitution, a costly cancer care became unavailable.

So oncologists are not accused me in the thickening of colors, I will quote this statement of the leading specialists of the Moscow research Institute of Oncology. Herzen academician V. Chissov and Professor S. Daryalova (“Medical newspaper”, 2001):

“Inequality in our society, the division into rich and poor, has also brought new complexity to our work. Before all were available the same therapeutic benefits. The speech could go only about the differences in the training of doctors and comfort of the hospital environment. Now opened the possibility of using the latest expensive diagnostic and treatment techniques, and the equally expensive drugs.

Alas, not all! How to go to the doctor if he knows a new drug that can actually help a sick person, but he is not able to buy it, and certainly not have the ability to go for treatment to the West?

This is the new face of medical confidentiality is one of the most intractable. Can a doctor take responsibility, resorting to “false by default”?

Unfortunately, very often, across vast Russia our poor patients, not being able to buy expensive drugs, are satisfied with the public, and sometimes they don’t get these”.

And here is what the head of the Center for outpatient diagnosis of this oncological Institute N. Bogdanov (the newspaper “Trud”, 1999):

“The third method of treatment in Oncology in breast cancer – drug. It would be desirable to tell separately. Because fear of him and the patients and the doctors, who know little about chemotherapy, is unreasonably large. Before this therapy is really caused serious side effects. But now we have learned either to avoid them or effectively correct. But this raises the most serious problem is the cost of treatment. Chemotherapy can cost three or four thousand dollars, and to spend a minimum of three such courses. And then in front of the patient or her relatives, the question arises, for example, whether to sell an apartment or a car, because there is still no guarantee that the treatment will help. And before the doctor faces a dilemma: to designate what is, or what is really necessary.”

And now again back to the question: fruits or herbs? Think, dear individual oncologists, before you accuse herbalists in that they take money for herb, which in your opinion should be spent on fruits and does everything I need, got this sick from your oncorine? Yeah, not your fault that new highly effective modern drugs are too expensive and inaccessible to the patient and you didn’t even offer them to the patient, “lying by default”. So no need to dissuade the patient from available for everyone herbal medicine, give him one last chance at life.

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