Center of traditional and folk medicine

For the past twenty-five years, first opened its doors to treat patients the Center of traditional and folk medicine. Now I can proudly say that we were the first. Pioneers is never easy, but, over the years, overcoming difficulties generously awarded by the international awards of the world level. So, a few lines from the story: in may, the ninetieth years of the last century, newly discovered self-supporting consultative — diagnostic polyclinic two years later became a medical Center. Then came the decision to combine it all sections of modern medicine and the so-called traditional or alternative medicine, including all aspects of the medicine of the Ancient East — Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Indian — Ayurveda, as well as traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment, scientifically substantiated and confirmed their effectiveness. This line in providing care to patients our staff continues to this day. A lot had to implement, and even more to rethink. Our long experience has allowed to relieve the suffering of many patients where modern medicine proved to be powerless. Life does not stand still, and every day there are new challenges that we face. Appear unconventional methods of treatment, new devices and new napravlenijam medicine. Much, even unthinkable at the beginning of our journey, now became a reality thanks to the cooperation and joint research scientists, biophysicists and our doctors. This is the evolution. Today in the Center are 75 experienced certified and certified physicians, many of which have the first and highest qualification categories, degrees. We continue to introduce non-standard, unconventional equipment and you will find it on our website. In addition, here you’ll learn many other interesting data and our comments on those or other sections of medicine. Get comprehensive, original answers to all Your questions.

We look forward to meeting with You with great desire and ability to always help You!.

Sincerely, the Center of traditional and folk medicine.

All information about modern medicine You will find in the section Medicine. We present here the most important component.

Alternative medicine.

Collected here are the types of medicine that have not previously been taught in med. institutes and academies, but they have long since entered the practice of medicine and our lives.

-Homeopathy is the most widespread and one of the most effective and harmless methods of treatment by a naturopath, especially for children and elderly as well as adults who do not take during treatment by homeopathy alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea. Translated as “homeopathy” like cures like. The testimony is practically unlimited: easily and quickly cured the common cold and influenza in the initial stage, and various allergies and chronic diseases, when there is a “bunch of diseases”.

-Hirudotherapy – treatment with leeches a disposable medical. Ancient and very effective method of treatment of chronic diseases of all organs and systems of the person.

– Acupuncture, su – Jok therapy is the production of special needles into biologically active points on the energy channels and meridians in the human body, as well as of microneedles on the hands and the feet.

– Manual therapy is effective in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine and, as a result of diseases of the internal organs and peripheral nervous system (plexitis, intercostals neuralgia, radiculitis) .

– Planography (snapshot ) bio – a very important component of our energy body indicates a state of immunity, diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome and early signs of disease.

-Aerografia – scanning of the human aura with a color Photograph, determining the condition of the energy centers and subtle bodies of the organism that enables the physician to diagnose and treat the patient in the early stages of the disease. Aerogramme will help determine the choice of profession teenager.

-COSMOGRAM — will help determine predisposition to diseases, so-called “Achilles ‘ heel” by date of birth.

VIRTUAL SCANNER “WANDERER” is the latest generation of medical devices in the medical world, based on joint and advances in medicine of the 21st century and medicine of the Ancient East; it is a multifunctional medical diagnostic complex allows to determine the disease of the whole organism and pathogens (microbes, parasites, some allergens) at all stages, including early changes at the cellular level and at the level of chromosomes, but also to balance these violations, to recover the energetic balance of organs, to select compatible with the body food, effectively allopathic and homeopathic treatment and, if necessary, compatible jewelry (stones, metals).

VEGETATIVE-RESONANCE TESTING TECHNIQUES “VOLL”, “SARCOMA” – identifying pathogens, parasites, allergens (in the presence of microresonant 3000 tests) with individual selection of medicines (homeopathy and allopathy).

COMPUTER PULSE DIAGNOSIS — diagnosis of diseases of the whole organism at different stages of the disease by the speed and shape of the pulse wave.

-IRIDOLOGY — diagnosis through the iris of the eye; detects diseases, functional and, most importantly, we are seeing early signs of cancer, are not yet visible on the ultrasound machine or X-ray machine.

-DOWSING DIAGNOSIS of the human bio-field and geopathic stress jobs and living quarters.

– APM-126 — the EXPRESS BLOOD analysis WITHOUT SKIN PUNCTURE, 126 PARAMETERS in just 10 minutes You will receive a report on clinical, biochemical parameters of blood condition of the electrolyte, the acidity of the stomach and the vital organs of 126 performance indicators with the preliminary diagnosis for

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