Chinese medicine

In this article I want to tell you about the treatment methods of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine is one of the ancient systems, which consists of various techniques. It includes the following areas: acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong, acupressure, massage. Chinese medicine aims to prevent, treat various diseases, based on restoring balance, harmony of all vital energies of the body.

Traditional medicine deals with the treatment of certain parts of the body, the organs that are affected by the disease, and Chinese medicine practiced completely different methods of treatment of diseases.

It is more global because it treats the whole body. If we consider the human body as a complex ecosystem in which all processes are interrelated, Chinese medicine believes that disease is an imbalance in this system.

According to Chinese experts (doctors), people are part of nature, man – nature itself. Doctors of Chinese medicine believe that the human body, as in nature, all subject to movement, the flow. Disease is the disturbance in the flow of internal currents Qi, the imbalance of States of Yin (dark, quiet, cold) and Yang (heat, movement, light).

As it is written in the ancient writings of Chinese medicine, Qi citiesalive fundamental matter. Qi represents the vital force that cannot be measured, it’s invisible. Qi itself cannot be observed, but to feel its presence. Qi flows in the human body (blood flow) (via invisible meridians, vessels). Man is healthy, if the movement of qi is correct, no difficulty. According to Chinese medicine, this is an important health condition.

Yang, Yin are the main States of the person. If they are in balance, the person feels well. If we translate these two words, the Yin – shady side of the mountain, Yang – its Sunny side. They are opposites, like fire and ice, day and night, good and evil. They both exist in the human body, contradicting or complementing each other. Yin, Yang being in balance, give a man health. When you deviate in any way, an imbalance occurs resulting in disease.

Using Chinese medicine to cure many diseases, the doctors did not cease to study it. Studies were conducted not only in China but also in other countries. They showed that the use of Chinese medicine is not as effective as it is said. Chinese medicine does not a miracle, but most of the methods yield effective results. In many hospitals used acupuncture. By using acupuncture treated chronic pain, diseases of the nervous system, nausea, addiction and others.

In Chinese medicine, used many herbs. There is a simple classification of plants according to the entity, they are divided into: cool, warm, cold, hot. Using this separation, Chinese doctors prescribe for receiving the medicinal herb, which will help to eliminate the imbalance in the human body. For example, if the physician, that the patient had symptoms of excessive so-called “cold”, then assigns “hot” herbs (drug cinnamon).

In Chinese medicine, medicinal plants still share the taste: spicy, sour, salty, sweet. It is the taste of plants determines their effect on the energy. Qi, in its direction of movement. Chinese medicine believes if properly take a medicinal plant, it will help change the course of the qi, slow down, or speed up the rate of flow. Chinese healers believe that the taste of medicinal plants, acts on certain organs in humans: sweet – spleen, pungent herbs act on the lungs, bitter – heart, sour to the liver. Submission to Chinese medicine on the human system different from traditional medicine. If we talk about the heart, the Chinese healer was not referring to the body, and the whole procedure in thinking, the body.

In Chinese medicine means herbs from very rarely consists of one component, this is often a collection of different plants. Sometimes it includes up to fifteen different herbs. Some charges indicate the correct direction of qi, and others help to liquefy stagnant energy, another – accelerate, qi. In Chinese medicine there are specific rules for collecting, preparing medicinal plants. If the plants are made from powder, it is taken as tablets, or combine them with milk, water, honey. From medicinal plants are prepared suspensions, ointments, used externally. Prepare extracts, tinctures, medicines, infusions, which are used for different purposes, in different forms. Chinese doctor, examines the patient, assigns a treatment based on a person’s well-being.

The main goal of Chinese medicine is prevention of disease, maintaining the body in a healthy condition. In Chinese medicine, like traditional, is considered that preventing the disease is much more important than its treatment. In the treatment of already existing illness, the healer China is trying to improve the patient’s health in the future. There are also medicines to prevent the disease.

Chinese medicine claims that a quick recovery does not happen, if the disease has a protracted character. The time for healing corresponds to the time length of the disease. Since ancient times, in China, there is a practice: the patient pays for treatment after complete recovery.

In China the medicinal plants recommended in order to regulate balance in the body. People keep adding in infusions of tea, methodically accept, agree to provide yourself with longevity, good health. Each Chinese family is considered mandatory the use in food of different herbs. Thereby normalizes the excretory system, replenish with vitamins, comes in a normal mental state.

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