Crystal healing is a physical manifestation of magic

Magic and the crystals twinned since ancient times. The crystals are frozen in Time and Space elements of the Primary Energy. Crystals are a gift of our Planet that we can and should use to better our lives, our relationships and ourselves. Magic crystals is based on elementary ideas, and gives immediate results. The use of crystal magic drives the energy and opportunities of a crystal, putting them into practice. The management of these energies and Magic.

Stone therapy – a type of alternative medicine, which has recently become increasingly popular.

Stone therapy is a treatment using natural stones. lithos in Greek – stone therapy to English, or from Greek, terapia – treatment).

In a broader understanding of a lithotherapy understand any use of natural minerals (stones, metals, silts, clays, mineral waters, etc.) with a view to their effects on the body or the mind.

LICORICE includes a different, more narrowly targeted, methods of influence of mineral substances on the human body.

This mineralotherapy, crystal therapy, metalotherapy, gemoterapia,”stone Therapy”, the treatment of clays, “Influence (impact)of stones on the chakras” “Astromineralogy” and many others.

They are all included in the broader concept of crystal healing.

Crystal healing involves mainly chemical and energy (psychotherapeutic, information) the impact of the stone on the human body.

The ability of stones to influence a person is being used since ancient times. Methods medical stone therapeutics for thousands of years successfully applied in different countries. Currently interest in the use of medicinal properties of stones is growing every year. Conducted research and studied the beneficial effects of the stones on the person. The stone therapy is also often called the medicine of the XXI century.

Tibetan and Mongolian lamas for the preparation of medicines used about 100 different minerals. In their practices they used stone pyramids, spheres, beads, and massagers. For the power charging of the water and the elixir of youth and health Lama used the crystals from the quartz group minerals. In Chinese medicine, affecting stones biostimulators on biologically active points of the body, align is violated in the body’s energy (Yin-Yang), increased vitality (Qi), shooting pains and treating diseases.

Yoga in their practices use the stones to promote health and aura, in order to protect from the harmful negative effects of foreign fields and radiations (“evil eye”, “damage”, etc.).

Indian healers in the system of AYURVEDA for healing and rejuvenation of the body used stones when charging the chakras – energy centers in the human body.

In the art of FENG SHUI stones are used to disperse negative energy and enhance positive.

In the literature, often given conflicting information about the healing and magical properties of stones, to understand which often not just.

On this site we present summary data on the beneficial properties of stones and other mineral substances, which according to historical data was used many centuries in different countries and cultures.

This information is based on a combination of ancient experience and modern knowledge.

How does crystal healing?

Lithotherapy is based on pseudo-medicinskih and mystical properties of the stone:

– The effect of the color of the stone (phototherapy). The vibrations of different colours balance the energy of the alleged dissonance.

– The effect of the magnetic field of the stone.

– The effect of oligo-therapy. Putting the stone to the skin or drinking the water in which lay a stone, you give a chance to enter the bloodstream oligo-elements (vitamins and metals).

The effect of the application of the stones on certain points on the body.

Before the crystal fall into the hands of the user above him should commit some actions, called rituals. Below is given the list of some of them,

common. The first is the ritual of Purification. Though this ritual is compulsory for all crystals, except for a small group, needs no cleansing. Methods of treatment differ depending on the crystal.

The next step is to charge the crystal. Here different methods are used.

The third step is the initiation of the crystal directly to the user.

Secrets of coffee grounds

A prediction on guesswork — the kind of tasseography. consisting in the prediction of destiny by examining the form of coffee grounds. remaining in the Cup after drinking coffee.

Prediction is guesswork — one of the most common everyday manifestations of the occult. Appeared at the courts of the Turkish sultans and the Russian czars. later spread throughout Eastern Europe.

Prediction of coffee grounds existing for over seven centuries, is somewhat apart among the rest. Perhaps this comes from an old belief, often vindicated in practice, that negadanno coffee always comes true. Now this belief gradually forgotten, but the popularity of divination in coffee increases every year. Moreover, if there is no money to go to the professional fortune-teller, to try to predict your destiny may each independently. Need to do this not so much: Turk for brewing coffee, medium grind (however, some astrologers advise you to take coffee at the same time coarse and fine grinding), Cup and saucer with a smooth surface (preferably made of porcelain white color without pictures), in some embodiments, divination — water.

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