Folk effective weight loss methods

Folk effective weight loss methods free or 100 recipes of beauty. Considering the pharmacy kiosk showcase, in search of anti-cellulite remedies each delay view of the colorful pills and other means to lose weight. And ignoring the usual boxes with herbs. And in vain, because in them lies the whole secret of weight loss, this is a popular effective weight loss methods, proven over the years! The benefits of folk methods to treat different diseases (with proper and reasonable approach) is obvious.

Each of us, deep down, always dissatisfied with their figure. Let us even say that she’s perfect. But we do know where the “flawed lives”. And are always looking for effective traditional methods of weight loss free to fight the “flawed figure”.

There are various folk methods of herbal medicine. The most common traditional methods of weight loss are: the preparation of herbal teas and tinctures And what about those who suffer from the problem of excess weight, which bring a lot of trouble for people in terms of health. And also spoil the aesthetic look of the figure to say the least an ugly “crease”.

What are people’s effective weight loss methods which can be found free of charge.

This is primarily the exclusion of strict diets. They negatively affect the organism as a whole. Including in the diet of delicious vegetables, fruits and teas you will easily be able tolkovas weight and improve their health. The complex with amenities – private procedures, achieved an amazing rejuvenating and healing effect.

The advantage of weight loss people’s effective methods of free weight loss in that unlikely contraindications and allergic reactions. But it is not necessary to consider this species as a panacea with different degrees of obesity. Because without traffic you will not achieve 100% results, as wouldn’t want that. The main thing competently to approach to this method and choose from the offered options the most suitable method.

Most people have tried all the methods but they have not helped the thing is that a person can have hidden problems that can not be expressed, will be known only after you go through the course of surveys. Only at this stage can identify the cause of excess weight. And only then can safely proceed to solving the problem of excessive weight.

Folk effective weight loss methods for free – fruit and vegetable diet.

Watermelon 10 day diet is very tasty and healthy. But! The basic rule, a watermelon diet is carried out exclusively in the high season of ripening watermelons. The ones that are sold on the shelves of the supermarket in early spring and early winter are not suitable. Since there is a maximum content of chemical elements, which contribute to safety in transportation of watermelons and the rapid maturation of juicy product. It is terrible to think what harm it can cause to the body.

Method of application:

10 days: Receive 1-2 kg of watermelon pulp daily for half an hour before food or on an empty stomach.

The purification of the liver and kidneys, helps to reduce swelling.

Pumpkin diet will cleanse the body of toxins and normalizes metabolism. This diet is very tasty it can be used not only as rehabilitation she is suitable as a dessert dish in the form of jam.

To prepare you need such inexpensive and readily available fruits and foods (lemon, orange, pumpkin, sugar).

The method of preparation and applications:

Sugar – to taste.

Lemons-1 PC.



Pumpkin pulp, cut into small cubes, connect with the cleaned and sliced oranges and lemon. To this mass is added to taste sugar to taste and put to boil on a slow fire. After the fruit – and-vegetable mixture to a boil, set aside from heat to cool down. Then put on low heat, stirring constantly, bring to a boil and turn off. All, jam is ready. Eat jam, washed down with herbal tea.

Apple diet will get rid of the extra pounds in a few days and keeping the slimming effect for a long time.

For the preparation of a dietary product need:

Salt – to taste.

The method of preparation and applications:

Grate the horseradish root on a fine grater, stir in cooked Apple sendereihe mass 3:1. (3 parts grated Apple) and (1 piece of grated celery root). To dilute the consistency of the yogurt and add salt to taste.

To take 7 days. Evening or 2 hours before bedtime.

Folk effective weight loss methods free diet on tea

Tea diet the dream of “fat Chicks”, tasty and quite effective. Is used as a diet course or as a fasting day. But! Don’t overdo diet drink, remember, a good diet, everything in moderation.

To prepare you need leaf tea, black or green, milk.

Milk – 1-1.5 liter.

Tea leaves (tea leaves)-2 stage. spoon.

The method of preparation and applications:

Bring to a boil 1.5 liters of milk in a saucepan, set aside the milk from the heat and stir casting tea. Cover and let steep for 10 minutes. After brewing dairy beverage. Strain it through a sieve. This milk tea was poured into a clean thermos.

Should take 1 glass a day in the afternoon 3-4 p.m. (main diet).

And if you decide to arrange a fasting day, you should drink tea prepared with whole milk throughout the day, while not eating.

This diet will rid your body of excess of 2 kg per day and to cleanse the body of toxins, while not disturbing the vitamin balance in the body. As the milk and tea have a lot of trace elements.

Folk effective weight loss methods for free – teas

The use of herbal concoctions for weight loss found a wide circle of fans of this therapy. As it is a great tool not only cleanses, it rejuvenates the body is able to localize fat deposits in hard to reach areas of the human body (stomach, buttocks, shoulders, waist). But if to consider the composition of broth from one component of vegetable-herbs. He just wakes to serve as a component for a minor correction. And in a combination of plants you’ll be able to get rid of the problems, which are the main cause and contribute to increase body mass. How does it happen? Some herbs used to suppress appetite, the second is improve digestion, others contribute to production of bile, and still others have a powerful diuretic effect. Mixing them in one common structure, is integrated cleaning and treatment of the whole body. And there comes the long-awaited moment, the weight loss.

Folk effective weight loss methods for free – decoctions and tinctures

1 broth slimming

2 parts of bearberry.

2 pieces of smartweed.

2 parts, viola tricolor (grass).

3 parts coriander.

3 parts of buckthorn (bark).

4 pieces of hay (leaves).

This composition of parts from a homogeneous mix of dry mass to take 1 tablespoon and pour 1 Cup of boiling water. To insist in a thermos (at night) or naparivat in a water bath for 30 minutes, then strain and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

2 broth slimming

1 teaspoon-Artemisia absinthium.

1 Cup of boiling water.

Wormwood pour boiling water and let it infuse for in a thermos or in a water bath for 30 minutes. Then the broth strain and take inside for 15-20 minutes before meals for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

3 broth slimming

10-15 grams of corn stigmata.

1-1. 5 cups of boiling water.

This broth is prepared in a water bath. This component is poured with water and on low heat boil is important, whatever is going on strong boiling. After 30 min the broth is removed from the water bath, filtered and allowed to cool. Then take every 3 hours for 3 tablespoons before eating.

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