Folk remedies treat fungus

Athlete’s foot is popularly known as the more famous word – fungus. This disease most often occurs on the legs. First, it is manifested by flaking between the toes with possible itching or burning, and from there moved to the nail, eventually destroying it.

The fungus can be obtained from the distributors of the virus (for example, public bath, swimming pool, etc.), and can also develop as a result of wearing unsuitable footwear, for permanent stay of the foot in a moist environment, to be a consequence of diabetes, and even just a sharp decline in immunity. As you can see, the victim of this insidious disease. And therefore it is necessary to know in advance than to encounter illness, not to give him the slightest chance to parasitize on our skin and nails.

First of all, should indicate that any ointments, creams, and lotions are applied on a steamed foot. Here are the recipes disinfectant baths for feet, designed to fight the fungus.

A decoction of celandine. Take 4 tbsp of grass celandine, pour 1.5 liters of water and boil for 3-5 minutes. When the broth has cooled slightly – lower back legs.

Help us to fight the fungus can act as salt and soda. Take 1 tbsp. spoon these ingredients and dissolve in warm water. Keep in this bath foot about 5-7 minutes.Then wash your feet with plain water. After these procedures, it is desirable to put on the socks soaked in wine vinegar.

As no surprise, but fights the fungus I. coffee! Coffee foot soak is prepared. Pour 5 tablespoons of ground coffee to 1 liter of boiling water. Let coffee steep for a bit and cool down. Then dip there feet for half an hour. The original recipe recommends that you do not wipe after this procedure legs, to put them directly on cotton socks to bed. In the morning wash your feet from the remnants of coffee, preferably lukewarm or cool water.

Here the recipe is very simple trays that will prepare the leg for subsequent treatments. Grate antibacterial Soaps – we need 3 tablespoons, and add the same amount of soda. Dissolve these ingredients in 7 litres of warm water. Keep your feet in this bath for 15-20 minutes, then apply the ointment.

Traditional medicine is rich in recipes for healing ointments from natural ingredients. This is one of the most effective.

Take 1 liter of milk, and it is home, which after some time needs to form a thick cream. You need to take 1 tablespoon of these cream, add 1 fresh egg, also homemade, and 100 g of birch tar. All mix thoroughly and place in a container or old cream in a small jar. The resulting ointment should be stored in the refrigerator. Apply it under a bandage. The course of treatment – 2 months. Strictly adhere to these instructions and do not stop treatments early, even if You think that the fungus has receded. If You do it right, the fungus will leave You forever!

Incredibly effective and ointments on the basis of coniferous trees. Don’t be surprised, You read that right. For the preparation of such medicinal drug cut as finely as possible spruce branches and place in a small jar (about 300 gr). Tree branches need to alternate layers with butter. Instead of cover the neck of the banks, wrap with foil, for which the reliability can be fixed with nylon thread. Send the prepared tin in the preheated oven and leave to languish at a low temperature for 5-6 hours. When You see that the layers of branches covered with a green liquid drug is ready! Strain the finished oil and carefully treat the affected areas. To bandage the legs after such a procedure is not necessary. Ointment should be stored in the refrigerator. The effect You will see almost immediately, but, as in the previous case do not rush to interrupt treatment, the fungus was unable to return.

Good fights fungus and oil of propolis, make that can so. Take 100 g of petroleum jelly, place in an enamel bowl and stew on a water bath until melted (boil, you should not!). When the melted jelly has cooled slightly, add 15-20 g of crushed propolis. This Duo also put on a steam bath. Gradually stir until then, until the ingredients turn into a homogeneous mixture. This ointment should be applied on the affected fungus place 2 times a day – morning and evening. Stable use of this drug is absolutely comfortable and quick way to get rid of your concerns.

Very good tool for the treatment of fungus, also help with lichen and cracks on the skin of the toe, for the past half a century, relieves people from such problems decisively, and permanently. Take 100 g of vinegar (70%) and load it with 1 whole egg, raw and in the shell, and 4 tablespoons of butter. Place all the above ingredients in a half-liter jar, close the lid and send it out of the fridge. During this time the egg is completely dissolved, leaving only the shell. This sheath should be discarded, and the rest of the composition to be mixed thoroughly. Ready ointment and in the future it is necessary to store in the fridge.

Simpler, but no less effective, is a recipe using novocaine gadgets. Take a cotton pad and soak it with novocaine and apply to the affected area at night, fixing bintovuju a bandage. Many patients report that with the help of such compresses has managed to get rid of the fungus within a few days of treatments.

It is highly effective in controlling the fungal infection onions and garlic. Here are some recipes using these natural antiseptics.

Antifungal activity itself has the onion juice. You can just cut a small onion in half and the side with freshly isolated juice to lubricate the affected places.

Garlic is too powerful, so it is often soften by adding butter. The proportions in this case 1:1. A mixture of passed through the press garlic and butter to apply to the affected area, wrap with cellophane, fix and wear the whole day. Change the bandage daily until complete recovery.

As we have noted, the solo garlic is behaving aggressively. But if You are willing to wait, he promises miracles. In its worst form delaminates the nail fungus and completely devours him. The chances are that the new insert will not grow ever, especially when it comes to patients with diabetes mellitus. But don’t despair! Garlic will help you with the application. A clove of garlic skip through the press, put the resulting slurry on the nail, wrap with cellophane and secure with a bandage on top. Applique to do at night until, until you grow new nails. It should be noted that in the early days, a patient may feel a small throbbing pain, but as soon as the nail comes out, these sensations will go away.

Whichever recipe You choose, remember – to achieve the result of a systematic approach is required! To prevent the return of disease treat vinegar all my shoes. In consequence, in order to prevent re-infestation, use only personal hygiene products, manicure supplies, towels and Slippers. Wash your accessories for the pool, scalding them with boiling water.

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