Goat milk: benefit or harm?

Goat milk is a wonderful drink, it is so full of nutrients that it can be called the elixir of life. However, not everyone likes it a little tart taste, and many people have doubts regarding the security of its use.

The benefits of goat milk

Goat milk is healthier than all other types of this product – it is easily absorbed and does not cause stomach upset, and due to the fact that there is practically no alpha-1s-casein, it is believed that it is hypoallergenic. In addition, it contains several times more beta-casein than cow, which in composition makes it closer to breast milk.

However, doctors do not recommend to completely replace the goat’s milk breastfeeding. this is due to high fat content of this product and the fact that it doesn’t contain the enzyme lipase, which digests fats. Therefore, for children under one year is best to combine goat’s milk with breast or other types of baby food .

Goat milk contains large amounts of cobalt, which is a part of vitamin B12, which controls and normalizes the metabolic processes and is also involved in hematopoiesis. Due to this, the use of goat milk helps to improve digestion,strengthens the immune system and protects against diseases such as anemia.

Generally, goat milk is rich in many vitamins: A, B (1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and, as has been said – 12), C, D, E, H, PP. Accordingly, those who drink it on a regular basis, get the required dose of a vitamin complex, which in turn favorably affects the entire body and relieves beriberi.

Contained in this product, the vitamins help you recover from colds, as well as after more serious illnesses and surgery.

In addition, goat milk contains choline, lecithin, albumin, globulin, and Biotin. These biologically active substances help to improve complexion. slow down aging of the skin and make it firmer.

A lot of goat milk and essential trace element. Among them phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, molybdenum, sodium, manganese, copper, fluorine. Accordingly, this product supports thyroid and cardiovascular system, strengthens bones, teeth, nails and hair, improves memory and increases efficiency. and also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system – drink is recommended for nervousness, depressive syndromes, stress.

Medicinal properties of goat milk

Goat milk is used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, duodenum and thyroid, to get rid of tuberculosis and diabetes. for the excretion of salts of heavy metals, to repair after chemotherapy. Recommend to drink it within a few days after food poisoning to support a weakened body and saturate it with useful substances.

The complex of vitamins and minerals contained in goat’s milk lowers the acidity of the stomach, so it is recommended for those who suffer from frequent heartburn. In addition, it is useful to the people who constantly eat junk food or don’t follow proper diet – milk stabilizes digestion and is an excellent prevention of gastritis and ulcers.

The goat milk helps in the treatment of colds. For example, when bronchitis is recommended three times a day to drink a glass of warm milk by adding 1 teaspoon of honey, and under normal cough make a decoction of this product and oats and drink half an hour after meals.

Copes goat’s milk and insomnia. If you suffer from this exhausting illness, then drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime and you’ll sleep like a baby. In folk medicine there is such a recipe – white clay should be mixed with goat milk to a state not very liquid slurry and make a bandage on his forehead. By the way, this helps “compress”, and migraines .

Saves goat’s milk and allergies. It is believed that it relieves the symptoms (manifestations), the treatment can begin and during the attack. Take milk during the month, 1-2 cups per day. They say that then the disease will not be refunded.

How to use and store goat milk

Many sources say that goat’s milk should not be subjected to long thermal processing, and that it is better not to bring it to a boil, because, allegedly, it loses all its beneficial properties. However, just milk should be boiled unless you are sure that the animal that gave it that great or were kept in normal conditions.

In addition, goat milk can get a good semolina is aromatic and nutritious. Due to the fat content of this drink, in ready-made porridge can add butter. Moreover, it is easily absorbed and helps restore the flora of the stomach. Children suffering from a disease that a few decades ago, it was called a goiter, get relief, they cleaned the skin.

Nevertheless, the most effective is the use of fresh milk. So if you are going to use this product for prevention and long-term use and for urgent treatment of any disease, we find people who keep goats, and try to drink milk immediately after milking.

Most importantly, buy goat milk only for those who have a document confirming that the animal (or milk) passed veterinary control. Of course, the village goats such certificate may not be, but in rural areas the quality of the product you’d get neighbors breeders.

Goat’s milk is stored for much longer than cow milk, even in unboiled form, it does not spoil in the fridge during the week. A bottle the milk can take on a picnic or to work at room temperature it stays fresh for three days.

Harm of goat’s milk and contraindications

Goat’s milk has almost no negative qualities, and “contraindications” is perhaps the most common – individual intolerance of this product.

Interestingly, mainly the intolerance is not due to the chemical composition of goat milk, and because of its unusual taste and often quite a strong smell. All of the taste characteristics depend on the conditions of detention and goats from her diet. Juicier and more diverse than the grass, the sweeter the milk, and the more you care, the less unpleasant smell.

However, with care goat milk should be consumed for those who have too thick blood – it greatly increases the hemoglobin. As an alternative you can dilute it with water in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Not recommended in large quantities to drink goat’s milk in diseases of the pancreas. The fat content of this product is 4.4%, meaning it can cause pain and aggravation.

You should not drink goat milk ladies, sitting on a very strict diet – in spite of the ideal composition of this product is that it contains fats are broken down and fully absorbed by the body. Although rated low calorie – just 66,7 Kcal (low-fat cottage cheese 86 Calories), and due to the fact that this milk contains 67% of unsaturated fatty acids, it prevents the deposition of cholesterol.
As you know, goat milk is an incredibly healthy beverage. It is recommended to use for adults and children. Even pregnant women can safely drink it, as this product will provide them all necessary for proper development of the fetus substances, and, besides, will protect their teeth from decay.

By the way, in the spring of goat milk is simply irreplaceable. It relieves an organism from several troubles, from deficiency, from accumulated over the winter fatigue and irritability. So don’t neglect this tasty and fragrant drink, add it in your daily diet, and you will feel much better.

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