Herbs in our life

Since ancient times mankind has searched methods of treating a disease. Through trial and error, people found and used poisonous and medicinal plants. Created extracts, extracts, dried herbs, roots and berries. The main feature of herbalism has become the vast experience gained by practice of mankind. And today the basis of many pharmacological drugs are herbs. However, the herbal medicine, as an independent section of the treatment of diseases, still has not lost its relevance.

Advantages of herbal medicine

Herbal medicine attracts people lack many of the side effects that often when using synthetic drugs and antibiotics. The softness and less likely allergic reactions also have a positive impact on the herbal treatment. However, not all diseases can be cured among herbs, because it is not necessary to abandon modern medicine in favor of the unconventional.

Herbal – miracle cure

The best treatment with the use of herbs is considered herbal. The complex of plants that enhance and complement the effects of each component, is often a really effective means, while one herb may not be effective to influence the body. And its healing properties raskryvaemost in the complex. It is important to note that the right proportions in such complexes must be followed to avoid making substandard medicines. And, therefore, not providing the body adequate therapeutic effect.

Knowledge is main power

Mandatory condition for the effective use of herbs is the collection and preparation of raw materials. Collected in the period of grass does not give effect, or it may not be as strong. Some plants will break young, others only dried after flowering. A certain number of herbs, the juice can be poisonous, but the root of the opposite treatment. Accordingly, it is necessary to know when, how and what to collect.

Most people in cities have no idea, looks like a medicinal herb. And if in the old mysteries about conspiracies and herbs were passed on from mouth to mouth, now became available encyclopedia on plants, armed with which you will be able to find the necessary ingredients for you. In this book you will find information on the range of plant growth, time of flowering and method of collection. This is an important aspect of herbalism.

The herbs

Herbs taken as tinctures, ointments, powders, as a mixture. Often herbs are present in the composition of the compresses, rinse solutions, etc. For making them can be dried, and if necessary to boil, evaporate and breathe the steam. Some herbs are used as a chewing mixture. Unfortunately, some dried herbs used to induce visions. However, a mind-bending blend of herbs that are smoked with abusing people, drugs are not. Trying to protect citizens from the harmful effects, the state prohibits the cultivation and use, except for medicinal properties of these ingredients from use appropriate people.

In the preparation of tincture of herbs, as a rule, aim to enrich the body with beneficial trace elements that are released from plants by destruction of the cell structure under the influence of alcohol. In stores everywhere sold infusions with medicinal charges. But not always the technology of preparation, which for centuries had been developed. And we can take alcoholic drink with the taste of herbal teas that do not have any therapeutic effect. Not all herbs interact with alcohol and with each other. Additionally, the term cooking and storage of some of the tinctures varies considerably with the variant for sale. Therefore the best method for preparing such a useful product is considered to be home.

The ointment with the addition of herbs, usually used for giving the skin elasticity, the effect of rejuvenation, food for its trace elements. Ointments can be applied for the recovery of scarring, a more rapid disappearance of the hematoma, for the treatment of varicose veins, removal of warts and even moles. In the case of ointments must be considered as necessary elements interact with the main component. Depending on the desired effect to do with herbs in oil solutions and are rubbed into the skin, or as a Supplement in the sour cream, or impose a mask, coat your body. Can be used separately juice herbs for skin treatment, such as the juice of celandine to remove warts.

Still to stop bleeding for minor cuts apply to the wound moistened with saliva psyllium. But in ancient times it is finely crumbled and sprinkled the wounds of the likeness of the powder. In addition, it was believed that the addition of plant gathering in a barrel of water, where you soak brooms for baths also bearing fruit. The broom in contact with the steam, saturated with moisture and irrigates the body healing drops, pre-soaked them in a relaxing camp.

Herbs are used today in modern medicine to gargle in diseases of the upper respiratory tract as expectorants. Separate herbal diuretic and choleretic fees, herbs affecting the gastro-intestinal tract, able to remove or cause the feeling of hunger, increase intestinal peristalsis, reduce flatulence, cause sudden diarrhea or on the contrary to compacted content of the intestine. There are a lot of plants have a positive effect on vision, smell, hearing.

Caution when using herbs

Before using herbs you need to make sure that you have no related diseases, as, for example, a direct path arrivals of drugs with irritant effect on the gastric mucosa gastritis is undesirable. It’s important to note that the main property of herbs is to replace the lack of trace elements in the body and the direction of the disease toward recovery. The dose of the drug should be observed on a mandatory basis, as excess herbs can have healing instead, the opposite effect.

Plants and fruits can have positive effects on the body. For example, ginseng, cranberry, have a good stimulating effect on the organs. But long-term use can exacerbate the disease or lead to complications, which were appointed. This is due to the physiology of the human body, which is built on two phases in the treatment — phase of stress and rest. Balancing a certain time in each phase, it is possible to achieve healing of the body. Indefinitely in each phase the organism can not exist, since the phase of stress is the organization of work of the immune system and the body exhausted. And in the resting phase the body stores of strength, but the disease continues. Therefore, any natural remedy should be consumed in adequate amounts and certain times.

For example, Linden tea in its structure and effects is a great tonic that can restore the health, to recover the sensation of life. But it is a great tool for thickening the blood, which is absolutely contraindicated for blood donors, the elderly, people with increased blood clotting. As in large doses can cause thrombosis, leading even to fatal outcomes.

Another example of a proper usage of herbs is the traditional Chinese green tea. In small quantities — two or three cups a week, it has on the body a curative effect, clearing the kidneys and washing away from an organism harmful products of metabolism, which for some reason did not come alone. However, if regularly consumed in large quantities, green tea can wash and necessary minerals for the body. This is one of the typical violations of the rules of taking medicines. Compliance with action – a way to health.

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