How to treat Pets from depriving?

In General, Pets that receive the necessary level of care from their owners, rarely get sick, and especially cats, no wonder there is a saying “heals like the cat.”

But there is one very unpleasant disease, which unfortunately exposed like cats and dogs, and, if this happened with your pet, without your help, he just can not cope.

We are talking about ringworm, this is a serious disease must be treated, the earlier the more chances for the speedy recovery of your pet. The danger is that it is rapidly transmitted to other animals who live in the neighborhood, and even on the same person.

Some 10-15 years ago vets didn’t know how you can treat ringworm, animals in which it was diagnosed, basically, or were thrown away or were euthanized (on the basis of the current legislation!).

It was believed that to save the infected pet is almost impossible, but today, to the great relief of pet owners, appeared effective medicines are able to save from this disease. What is ringworm in cats and dogs? All have certainly heard of it, but not everyone knows what he looks like and that is.

It is an infectious disease that can be viswanadha with various fungal species: microsporia and trichophytosis. Despite the fact that the way of influence from them, the result that we see on the skin of the patient animal, about the same, why they are all and United under one name ringworm.

How to apply and where do you get infected?

The disease is especially dangerous because it spreads very quickly and is extremely contagious to others. Shingles often pick up animals in “tender age”, namely kittens or puppies up to 12 months effect of imperfect immunity, elderly animals and animals with poor health (after some injuries).

Microscopic fungi are spread by spores that are easily adaptable in the environment, settle on everything in a row, and, most worryingly, they are quite resilient to the external environment and is able to remain viable even for several years!

Your beloved cat can easily catch the disease after direct contact with a cute kitty who was a peddler lichen. The animal is infected and capable of touching objects that a sick animal once contacted with, for example, lie in the grass, where it rested before a cat or dog with this disease.

Spores of such fungi even stick to the soles of street shoes, so they easily can bring to cattle, which and on the street it never came out. In General, healthy adult cats and dogs to a lesser extent prone to Jock itch, they have a special immunity.

Interestingly, the spores of lichen can exist on the fur of the animal and does not occur even during the long months, if strong immunity of the animal will be able to suppress their proliferation.

The symptoms of the disease

Unfortunately, ringworm is not always possible to determine immediately, first, it does not allow a long incubation period (up to 3 months), and, secondly, the first symptoms do not occur explicitly, a cat or a dog may behave completely normally, without any deviations.

The main symptoms are small round spots on the skin of an animal, they usually appear on the ears, paws, muzzle and tail.

Without timely treatment, these spots will increase to appear on the sides of the animal and to deprive scraps of wool. Bald places on the affected areas of skin covered with a light coating of flakes, slightly oily to the touch.

Depending on the look of the picture of the disease, it can occur in various forms: the easiest – surface, hard and dangerous – a profound form. There is also the atypical form in which the spots can continue to grow sparse hairs, which complicates the calculation of the presence of the disease.

In General, the animal may behave as usual, sometimes spots can cause itching, why a sick pet is starting to comb. In long-haired animals to determine the symptoms harder, so if there is any suspicion, there is an urgent need to go to the doctor.

How to identify and what to do?

As we have said, with the slightest visible symptoms should consult a specialist, because ringworm and treated, the diagnosis must be correct and timely. Often preparations are selected depending on the type of fungus that can be determined only through laboratory studies. To do this, with the skin and fur of an animal taking special swabs, and only then prescribe treatment.

Normally for treating a sick pet is assigned an antiseptic and antifungal drugs that treat the affected areas. Sometimes you can use antibiotics, but also used a special vaccine.

It must be remembered that ringworm is a serious disease that responds poorly to treatment, and therefore, before the first positive results may take one, several weeks of sustained and systematic treatment.

A sick animal usually short cut, carefully so as not to cause unnecessary suffering and not to aggravate the disease. The entire course of treatment to you in detail describe the doctor, of ointments it may be tiabendazol or miconazole, if the disease occurs in severe form, it can be additional oral medications, the dosage which also must be prescribed by a specialist.

If you do not have access to the vet, you can try to cope and folk remedies. Pop the crusts soften and wash with soapy water and the grease stain with brilliant green or iodine, may also be suitable sulphur ointment. There is another method for it you will need newspaper, iodine and vegetable oil.

Paper needs to receive the ashes: burn it and mix with vegetable oil. First treated the affected area with iodine, and then prepared mushy mass of ash and oil. This procedure must be repeated several times a day for 2-3 weeks.

To treat pet’s needs in isolation, preferably in a separate room. During the treatment of wounds wear gloves and a robe, and hands after the procedure, wipe with disinfectant. The apartment should be regularly treated with disinfectants, and after complete cure of the animal to hold a General cleaning.

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