How to treat ringworm in cats

You saw on the cat’s body bald patches all over her body and here the doctor in the veterinary clinic makes a disappointing diagnosis, “your cat’s ringworm.” How to treat shingles with modern methods, whether it is safe for people, how to help darling. These questions immediately arise and the veterinary doctor will surely explain to you all of the methods of treatment of cats with this disease. Do not despair ahead of time.

Of course, when an animal is suffering, the first thing that man does is saves him. But first you need to know what this disease is and how to treat it. Cats quite often pick up the disease, but to cure him is very difficult. Treatment cats can stretch for months, if you do not know about how to treat ringworm in cats. There are various methods of treatment, a lot of different tools, but to apply them independently, you need to know everything about the disease.

So, what kind of disease cat ringworm. And get rid of his cat?

Cat ringworm disease description

Cat ringworm, the medical classification of diseases cats called her shearers, is a fungal infection hairline cats. This disease has a high degree of infectiousness and can be transmitted from cat to cat and from cats to man. You can pet a cat, ringworm ailing, and sick, and just wash her dishes or wash the Mat and techieportal fungus. To cure this fungus is not so simple.

Feline Jock itch mostly experienced by young cats, especially with long hair, as well as weakened animals that have recently been injured, for example, in a cat fight. In this case, the hair cats are very damaged and open the gates for fungus – and here it is – the cat’s ringworm.

Here are the main causes of depriving the cat and the kittens:

impaired immunity;

constant stress;

malfunctioning of the adrenal glands;

malfunctioning of the thyroid gland cats;

inappropriate food;

hormone treatment cats;

the presence of cancer.

The issue with the immune system of cats no doubt when considering the causes of disease cat ringworm. Found that if cats strong immune system, it will most likely not get sick ringworm, but may be carriers of the disease. So remember how our mothers always told us: “Stroked the cat – wash your hands!”, all because a cat can transmit ringworm itself is not aching.

Feline herpes – symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms of feline lichen typical:

1. The presence of bald patches on the cat’s body, receding hairline are rounded and are located locally.

2. Cat scratching places bald patches.

3. The bald patches are scaly skin damage.

Signs of the initial stage of the disease. If the cat is sick for a long time and it is not treated, then merge the receding hairline, can sometimes fester and encircle the body of a cat. If you saw your cat at least one bald spot – ask the vet. In a good veterinary hospital always have special devices to confirm or refute the diagnosis of “feline herpes” and you don’t have to puzzle over whether this cat ringworm and how to treat it.

How to identify ringworm in a cat veterinary clinic?

In the veterinary clinic conducted a series of studies:

1. General analysis of urine and blood cats.

2. Seeding of the skin to determine the type of fungus.

3. Exposure of cats by wood’s light and a view of skin under a microscope.

It is necessary to distinguish between similar symptoms of feline ringworm. This is allergies in cats, dermatitis caused by fleas, alopecia, due to lack of vitamins.

Than to treat ringworm in cats – modern drugs

Used to treat ringworm in cats almost could not. Now invented many antifungal drugs that can successfully treat shingles.

It is important to understand that in addition to removing the fungus from the body of a cat, you need to take care of its habitat, the animal, sufficient warmth and nutrition, the fortification of the body of a cat, as well as about prevention in the future.

To cure the cat from depriving will have at least 2-3 months. Easier and more efficient to use drugs broad-spectrum.

For example, the drug Itraconazole is a potent and effective cure for feline lichen. Powerful and relatively cheap drug fluconazole used in the treatment of feline lichen not only in cats but also in humans. These drugs give a cat inside. In the form of tablets or syrup. You can mix in food or ask the vet.

Outside the places where the fungus (bald patches) you can apply antifungal ointments and creams. For example, nizoral. The easiest way to buy soap with a strong oil them or shampoo with this oil, then treatment of feline lichen will be quick.

Effective this regimen: fluconazole inside + shampoo oil-based.

Effective against ringworm an ointment of the Pits, but recently they banned it. Instead of this ointment, you can use the grapefruit seed extract. This is the most powerful natural antifungal agent. Treats all types of fungus. As in the cat and in humans.

Urge you to refrain from the use of sulphur and tar in the treatment of feline lichen, so as not to poison the animal. After all, it certainly begins to lick it all, with a risk of direct poisoning of the animal, possibly with fatal outcome.

Prevention of feline lichen.

You can be vaccinated against zoster in cats. But, if the animal is already weakened, then the use of this vaccine will not, more likely you’ll infect the cat ringworm. Before an inoculation it is better to make immunogram cat. Then it will be clear – and useful if you need the cat to be inoculated, or better to improve the immunity of the cat.

However, if you are afraid of the cat and believe in depriving the immune system of your cat, you can vaccinate a cat against zoster following vaccine: Microderm, Wandern F, Poliwag. You can even do a 6 week kittens. However, you should know what to treat ringworm in cats are vaccines ineffective and even dangerous.

Better take care of sufficient and balanced nutrition of the cat and its habitat, the cleanliness of the cat and its environment. And most importantly – do not delay treatment to the vet, if you feel powerless in the fight against ringworm. Than to treat ringworm in cats yourself, it is better to consult with experts.

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