Legal clarification in the area of services of healing and esotericism.

In Russia two types of state certification: Ministry of health issuing a permit for traditional medicine and the System of voluntary certification of ROSSTANDART certification the following specializations: psychology, esoterica, parapsychologists, psychics, mediums, magicians, yoga therapists, biological energy therapeutist, energocorrectors, the experts of Energo-information interactions, hypnology, chiromantists, spiritual healers, militarity, astrologers, shamans, gerontologists, master Reiki, space energetic, valeology, tarology, chiropractors, practitioners of complementary medicine, practices, alternative medicine, the practice of Oriental medicine, practices, alternative medicine. Services are carried out under codes of all-Russian Classifiers: OK 034-2007: ; of the nice classification: class 41,44; OCF 010-93: gr 324; OKVED: 74.8, 85.14, 85.32, 93.0; 93.05. members, in accordance with clause 1 of article 15 of the Federal Law “On technical regulation” of 27.12.2002 N 184-F3 in the National System of standardization, which establishes their legitimacy as permitted in the Russian Federation.

After the approval of Federal Law No. 323-F3 “On fundamentals of health protection in the Russian Federation” dated 21.11.2011, the activities of associations of traditional medicine practically became impractical, as in accordance with article 50 of this law, all services are divided into narodowego (healing) and the esoteric (occult-magical and religious rites).

PT. 50 p. 2 No. 323-F3 “On fundamentals of health protection in the Russian Federation” clearly States: the Right to engage in folk medicine has a citizen who obtained the permit issued by the Executive power body of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation in the sphere of health protection. All documents on traditional medicine with G. 21.11.2011 issued by third parties will be void, i.e. not legally binding. To them also belong the previously issued documents expiration, that is, if over the validity period of the previously issued certificates are considered invalid and they can’t be prepared.

PT. 50 p. 7 No. 323-F3 “On fundamentals of health protection in the Russian Federation” clearly States: the Illegal occupation of traditional medicine, as well as causing harm to the life or health of citizens during the occupation of traditional medicine entail liability under the legislation of the Russian Federation. From vegascasinos follows that without the permission of the Ministry of health the activities of illegal healing.

Specialist, registered as individual enterprises, LLC, contract workers, etc. becomes a business entity, i.e. entrepreneur, not a technician. It gives only the right to engage in entrepreneurial activities and provide services to both licensed and not licensed. It is a mistake to assume that if the service is not licensed, registration with the tax authority guarantees legalization. No need to confuse money laundering with the legalization of the activity. Legalizes the activity a Certificate of compliance of the technical regulation or resolution of the Ministry of health, confirming the suitability of the expert and declared services. Public associations do not have the authority, as the licensing and Supervisory functions of Public authorities not give and cannot give.

What to do in this situation? To circumvent the Law, to find slick legal loopholes, as many are now trying to do and consider themselves protected, or still follow the Law?

It would be naive to assume that if you change the name of healing to another, not prescribed in the Legislation, it is automatically the healer becomes legally protected. It is an illusion, since it generally takes on the name, and the type of activity. The play on words and speaks only of a destructive and immoral activity that is contrary to spiritual development. Is hoped will protect the lawyer? Many do not know that includes the professional expertise used in forensic practice.

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