Use stevia and brown sugar

Not much to tell about the dangers of white sugar, as many already know all this, so trying to replace brown and white sugar with stevia. However, some people want to know what are the benefits of stevia and brown sugar. Let’s find out more about how useful these products are and whether they harm the body.

Brown sugar

There is a common myth that brown sugar is healthier. But is it? Is this product really so valuable? Or is it another fashion in the common pursuit of healthy eating?

What is brown sugar and how is it different from white? White sugar is produced mainly from sugar beet and contains more than 99.8 per cent sucrose. Is industrial cleaned. Therefore, it is devoid of many minerals and vitamins, although initially they were present in it in large quantities.

Brown sugar is most often made from sugar cane. It contains molasses, is in particular, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. Depending on how many contains molasses, brown sugar can be light or dark.

However, it should be borne in mind that we are dealing with a product that consists exclusively of sucrose. If you compare the calorie content of both types of sugar, it turns out that the difference is negligible(100 grams of white sugar contains about 406 calories, and brown about 390). Therefore, if we care about the figure, the consumption of brown sugar is of little use. Better then to withdraw it from the diet completely or limit to minimum. You should pay special attention to the price of brown sugar, this product is “luxury” for most people, because it is significantly more expensive than its white counterpart. There are, however, some difference in taste, so dark sort of sugar has a lot of fans because of these qualities. Continue reading

The preparation and use of medicinal drugs

Purchased from the pharmacy or self-harvested vegetable raw materials at home you can prepare only those medicaments that does not require special equipment.

Preparation of raw materials: Raw materials must be ground, as small particles of active substances are extracted faster and more completely. Leaves, grass and bark can be cut with scissors; roots and rhizomes – a knife or crush in a mortar; fruits and seeds on the ground resembles or leave whole.

Integral parts of medicinal mixtures are ground separately and then measure them in the amount indicated in the recipe and mix on a sheet of paper or in a glass jar until a uniform mixture

Preparation: For the preparation of pharmaceutical preparations hot should only be used enamel, glass, porcelain or ceramic dishes, which must tightly closed lid. It should be remembered that aluminum and other metal cookware to cook grass cannot avoid reaction with metellus!

For straining of ready-made preparations should be used folded in several layers of gauze, wrapped in a layer of cotton gauze or loose cotton cloth.

Methods for preparing the most common in narodnozabavni drugs:

Juices are the most rational means in most cases medicinal plants.

Juice obtained from fresh plant with the help of a grater, grinder or juicer. If the SAP has an irritant effect, then added 1-2 teaspoons of honey (rice broth or jelly). Continue reading

Traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine there is a much longer than traditional Western. This fact is confirmed not only transferable oral legends and tales, but extant ancient Chinese medical texts and treatises.

The oldest medical treatise is the “Treatise on the internal” (nei-Jing), which contains experience of Chinese medical practice. It codified knowledge on herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion. It is worth to note that it exists for over 2000 years, and Hippocrates (the founder of Western medicine) appeared a few centuries later.

Traditional Chinese medicine was virtually unknown in the West until recently. The pioneers in this area were Jesuit missionaries who were in China only in the 17th century, Western culture became acquainted with traditional Chinese medicine. In subsequent centuries political and cultural ties between East and West intensified and became more frequent, and the opportunity to further explore aspects of Chinese culture, including traditional medicine and pharmacology.

Even nowadays, when there are multiple translations of the Chinese with annotations, treatises into European languages, the circle of specialists who could make serious and reliable research in sravneniya systems of different cultures, is limited to those few who are able to read original ancient Chinese texts. Continue reading

Use stevia and brown sugar
Not much to tell about the dangers of white sugar, as many already know all this, so trying to replace brown and white sugar with stevia. However, some people want…

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