Rhubarb — the benefits and harms, recipes of traditional medicine.

Rhubarb is a perennial, quite voluminous herbaceous plant of the family Polygonaceae. In appearance the plant is similar to burdock, and the taste of sour Apple. It is unpretentious, accustomed in absolutely any ground conditions. In addition, it does not take much space in Your garden or summer cottage, but will bring You many benefits. The stalks of rhubarb need to be watered at least once in ten days. You should also know that the plant was poorly stored, so try to use it as soon as possible. In addition, it is not recommended to store raw materials in iron and copper containers.

Maturation of rhubarb is in early spring, exactly the time when the human body needs vitamins. And then the plant will be more than ever.

Harvesting of medicinal raw materials

In folk medicine used mainly the root of the plant. Do not use too young roots, wait a couple of years. More useful will be the plant that is not less than four years. Procure raw materials recommended in late summer, early autumn period. It is not advisable to apply for therapeutic purposes, the roots were collected in November or even later. The later You decide to collect the roots of plants, the greater the likelihood that it already does not have great medicinal properties. Continue reading

The harm and benefit of sorrel for the body

The use of sorrel is known to Slavic peoples for a long time: who doesn’t love the famous soup seasoned with sour cream? Everyone knows that the dock is useful, but not everyone will respond to what organs it has a beneficial effect. When did you take this plant in gourmet dishes and why he must certainly have?

The history of plants

Use sorrel for the body first became evident to the French. On the tables of noble, bourgeois and even the kings of this plant began to appear from the 12th century. East Slavs, by contrast, was long considered this herb are unfit for food and kept as a weed.

It is noteworthy that this “weed” actually has a high resistance: it grows almost all over the world. Of the 200 species in food actually can be used two – horse and sour sorrel.

The chefs quickly adapted and invented not only soup, but also all sorts of salad recipes, pancakes, and learned how to make the plants filling for pies.

Not remained aloof and masters of folk medicine. After many experiments and observations they found that this plant helps fight against many diseases.Among the people immediately began to spread homemade recipes based on sorrel, which are used in various ailments. Why sorrel is such a useful product? Continue reading


Unfortunately, not all modern oncologists understand the need for anti-relapse and maintenance treatment anticancer herbs and therefore advise against their patients. Most of these nepriemyshi herbal medicine specialists do it sincerely, they studied and worked most of his life in a time when herbal treatment for cancer was considered quackery, prosecuted and punished. And they don’t understand that the situation changed and worldwide Oncology turned to medicinal plants and only in Russia all this is done with a delay, slowly.

Unfortunately, there are more self-confident and oncologists. When it hits the patient with an early stage of cancer, he said: “I did my best, I’m completely cured, you’re fine, no healers, herbalists don’t go, no way get well”. When such oncologists this patient is through several years with stage IV, the poor fellow or his family say: “Alas, medicine is powerless”. And again I suggest: “no heal, all to no avail, to no healers, herbalists do not go, do not waste their money on grass, better on this money buy a sick fruit”.

She strikes me as the advice – when balneabile the maximum chances of a full recovery (I – II stage), the specialist gave him to use herbs. The patient raised the metastases, came to him already had stage IV – still does not give him this opportunity, the ideal fruits to consume. What kind of fruit instead of herbalism in the face of death. This same man, he wants to live, he has a chance to slow down tumor growth herbs, even if they are minimal, but they should be used, it is necessary to fight every month, because there is always the hope that six months or a year, and perhaps earlier, scientists will find an effective remedy for the form of cancer that affects the patient, and you just have to try to survive until the advent of this drug. Continue reading

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