Method of healing – healing music

Interview with healer, head of the Center of traditional folk medicine and musical therapy in St. Petersburg . a student of the famous musical of the from many settlements of the Russian Federation Finishing Martha Mikhailovna. She will tell about his method of healing, in which an important role is healing music. -Martha M., how did you become a healer?

-I was seriously ill. The doctors discharged me from the hospital as hopeless sick, and I wasn’t even 50 years. Right after that I saw a Picture of from many settlements of the Russian Federation and a short note about him in the newspaper. And the next year I was fortunate to see him a healing session. His music has made on me an indelible impression. And then I became his student.

-What happened to your disease?

-The disease has receded. I felt in me join forces. Opened my healing abilities, and I began to treat people. The basis of my method of treatment is spirituality. And that’s the basis for any healer.

In the center of a lot of Photographs taken, obviously, during the medico-ethnographic expeditions from many settlements of the Russian Federation? What is the purpose of these trips?

-This educational trip. We traveled to Thailand, Burma, Laos, Philippines. For us, the students from many settlements, it is always a very big event. We visit Holy places, meet the people’s alliteratively. We are and active volcanoes. There is an amazing connection to cosmic energy, disclosure of abilities.

– Why during his sessions you use music?

-Even medical science came to the conclusion that music is medicine. In Holland, for example, you can see people of old age with the players, because they prescribe music as a therapeutic agent.

During my sessions I use music from many settlements of the Russian Federation . because it in itself is healing.

The famous musical, from many settlements of the Russian Federation

Interestingly, each musical instrument affects a specific organ . Lungs like a harp, heart, guitar, stomach – keyboards, liver – flute, pancreas – pipe, kidney – saxophone, spine – reel, gall bladder – oboe, large intestine – mouth accordion, the small intestine, the violin.

Music therapy, harmonizing the energy-informational processes of the body, cope with many serious diseases: psychosomatic disorders (allergies, cardiac disorders, ulcer, gastritis), impaired hormonal balance, neurotic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a very pleasant and soft treatment, which is consistent with the principle of the great physician Avicenna: “the Treatment should be pleasant and not cause negative emotions”.

-What do you use in your healing practice, in addition to music therapy?

-Very many methods, including prayer, and non-contact massage. I look on the situation which method to use. And I start any treatment with consultation and diagnosis. At the consultation I identify the cause of the disease on a spiritual level and discuss it with the patient.

For example, if a person is very touchy . he will have a bad liver . If the person is very longs . he has weak lungs . Rheumatism – the destiny of those who blames all his troubles on others . I believe that to treat first of all the soul and then the body. After the sessions changed not only human health, but also his character. People have commented that they become less aggressive at work that build relationships with their friends.

There was one case in my practice. The man was very ill, did not go. But it is not believed, and were unwilling to acknowledge the spiritual cause of his illness. I talked to him. He wanted me to spend the session with him. After the session I showed him my hands and asked me to stand up. He said he doesn’t get up for a long time and can’t do. I repeated my request. And the patient got. Then I sat down and wept, and said, “you lived their life and how to live did not know.” For me these words were the best reward, because I realized that people realized the mistake of his life – the refusal of faith in God.

But at the level of the body most often the problem lies in a poor state of spine. On the energy-level along the spinal column is the energy column, which the energy takes. And if any of spine damaged, pinched, then the energy does not pass, there is stagnation, the bodies that lie below the damaged section, cease to be supplied with energy and are depleted, weakening then related bodies. Thus the total energy depletion of the body. There are numerous diseases, the causes of which usually does not establish classical medicine.

A very frequent injury of the cervical spine associated with reproductive injuries . People suffer from headaches, weakening hearing, vision. Restoring the spine, we are restoring the entire body.

-How do you work with the spine?

The chiropractors usually mechanically straighten the spine, tearing the tissue surrounding it. We do this very gently, energetically restoring bone structure. And then the spine itself takes its place.

In conclusion, Martha M. gave the final word to the readers “NH” on how to be healthy, happy and beautiful. It’s not just the text. Reading it, you are already starting the healing process.

“Man is a complex mechanism, consisting of the spiritual and the earthly. My dear readers, let’s try to understand this mechanism. What we will deliver in the first place? Of course, soul. And the second is the body. Because the body is a one – time wear in this life, which is soul and it is a temple for the soul. The temple, because the soul is part of God. And she deserves to be in a clean Church, hence the notion that this temple must be kept clean, and if he’s clean, mean and healthy.

Now let’s try to figure out how to keep our bodies in purity, having in mind not the purity in the concept of washing, and clean without diseases. But there is a basis of bases is Holiness. And her denying, forgetting, putting on the second place, to be healthy, because we live on a beautiful planet Earth, which has its own rules the spiritual, the divine. This is the law of the Universe. And we want to believe it or not, it is. And these rules are not to look for blame, to forgive, not to judge, to give people love. By doing them, we are happy, beautiful and healthy. You don’t have to perform these rules, then, to seek the cause in our illnesses, troubles not only useless, but also not reasonable.

Now it became clear that, caring only about the body, the person receives only a small fraction of all possibilities. It is therefore essential to consciously develop their skills, their spiritual capacity for good, love and happiness. Bad thoughts and negative emotions is distorting the causal relationship between man and the Universe. The physical world is merely a mirror reflecting the deep mind. Life is creativity”.

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