Nine stages of initiation into the Buryat shamans

Nine stages of Buryat shamanism, known as sonar, have their own rite of passage, appropriate facilities and gain the skills. This does not mean that are associated with a certain degree of weapons and skills not used before then, but, as evidenced by centuries of experience, a full disclosure of these skills comes after eighteen years of hard work, captured in various stages and is embodied by the nine branches of the World Tree (Targa)1:

1. Mobility Boo [21] (the”newly made shaman” also known as Abagan Boo (“stray, walking the shaman”) — the status of the novice to learn the shamanic science, usually was a more known assistant of a shaman, can summon minor spirits, it was also called “Hourai Boo” — “dry the shaman”. Could they dribble milk, tea, pleasing them so they didn’t interfere in anything) — the first level of initiation, to which belong a wooden stick (usually made from birch trees), fir bark for cleansing and flint with a flint for breeding ritual fire. This stage lasts three years, marking the beginning of the shaman’s field.

2. Napolion Boo [22] (“obmochennaya shaman” or Duhangan Boo having a right to drip and make a libation to the spirit of fire, local spirits, spirits of predum with minor requests. In addition to milk and tea capleton spirits more tarasun, melted butter) — shaman of the second stage bathes in the waters of nine different keys, it is better from the homeland of their ancestors. Accessory of the shaman the second stage: staff of gnarled branches. This shaman is able to make an offering of a RAM for his kind. The duration of the degree is three years.

3. Adaoto por* (“fir shaman”)(Otherwise Halgin Boo, have the right to appeal to the higher spirits and to sprinkle up, that is, could not only summon the spirits of shamanism, but some of the khans, Asenov. When did the initiation ritual of sacrifice “Suhali” goat suit the specific Mangily saanu that live between heaven and earth. So this shaman was still called by the people “Manzilian Boo”, and he had the right to do blood sacrifices a white RAM these spirits) is(or Adoo-the Boo) — a third level shaman can freely communicate with any spirits of the ancestors of his kind, and to contact and communicate with spirit masters of places, whence it derives its force, including the neighborhood of those places. Shaman this level may perform wedding ceremonies. Accessories: tube (Buryats, ha-Achan) with pouch (Buryats, alsoour or arsaul) and shaman whip (Buryats, tasour). Stage duration is one year.

4. Sareeta Boo (“the shaman with the idolatrous”) — the fourth stage is connected with the strengthening of the forces that managed to gain at the previous stage. Shaman strengthens your connection with the spirits of the previous stage and are now able to communicate freely with the khans and sayami responsible for the fate of his nation and homeland of his ancestors and the Motherland udhi. Accessories of the shaman: the bells or plates (or tingsha; Mong. Tsang), sale (a rope twisted of wool from animal to drive or catch spirits) and isarea, a small wardrobe to store shamanic utensils that can be used as Bojnice. This stage of initiation lasts three years.

5. Hasata Boo(“a shaman with a tambourine” also known as Tarimci Boo for the ability to lick hot iron. Makes sacrifice a sheep, a goat of any suit all Khan, saanum, asanam. He could call for help separate Tengri-EB — gods, their celestial wife. His soul could only penetrate up to three levels of heavenly spheres.) shaman this level of dedication brings to perfection the ability to connect with the spirits of the ongons. To commemorate this, he gets three of the tambourine is one of oxhide, and the other from deer and one from a goat and a mallet. This stage takes one year.

6. Haribabu Boo (“a shaman with a staff (which the horse’s hoof)”) (or Horbaty por) — the sixth stage, like the fourth, is related to the improvement of the ability to dispose of skills acquired at the previous stages. The shaman no longer needs musical instruments to call itself the state of ongod orood. Accessories: a metal rod with a knob in the shape of a horse head. The shaman enters the ongons, one holding a staff. This stage lasts three years.

7. Tengeriin orgasmo Boo (“a shaman in heavenly garb” Another name Myhabitat Boo, who received the iron crown with antlers, skins of animals five “Taban joshuathan”, shaman’s cloak with the iron Cape, why is it still called “ogaito Boo”; does all the necessary rites and has the right sprinkling of the bowls from the feather of an eagle, as well as to devote to the novice shamans shamans. ) — initiation into this degree has a second Archana sprinkling the sacred water, which is brought to a boil by throwing into it red-hot stone from the lake Baikal. Then the shaman sprinkled with vodka, and he makes a thanksgiving Ear Lawson-Khan, the owner of the waters. Then he handed the metal shaman’s crown and three diamond. Shaman this is the degree of dedication you may freely communicate with all the spirits of earth and sky. This stage lasts three years.

8. Tengeriin orgasmo bucheli Boo (“full shaman with the clothing of the” Another name for Duuren Boo — “having all”, in other words, a few tambourines, shaman reed-staves, all necessary utensils, used in all ritual ceremonies, deeply know the shamanic mythology and “science”, i.e. all the complex rituals and shamanic practice meditation in the forest, in the mountains, makes all the molieben, can cause rain, wind, etc.) — shaman eighth stage of knowledge of all traditions and shamanic skills. He is able to control the wind, rain and storm, to travel freely in all three worlds; he completely mastered the art of contemplation and ecstatic concentration. Accessories: a wooden staff with a knob in the shape of a horse’s head and decorated with tinkling round wedges and multicolor stripes; hat, decorated with symbols of the sun and of fire. This stage takes one year.

9. Tengeriin phulpati Zarin Boo (“the great shaman with the will of heaven,” also known as “Tengeri badashan”, which meant “calling gods” because he was able to float in the air (in a state of “ongo”) above the treetops, showing thereby its purity unimpaired earthly sins) — this is the shaman fully mastered all shamanic and magical forces. He can control the weather, to move anywhere, merged with the spirit of Angona, and communicate with any creature in physical or spiritual form everywhere in the universe. At this stage, it is triggered by receiving three big tambourine, which stretched cowhide, deerskin and goat skin. Accessories: hat, decorated with images of the sun and moon.

I would like to remind you about the importance of “inner shamanic initiation”. If you’ve been thinking about this since then, as have responded to your shaman’s call and stepped into the field of the shaman, looking at listed above the degree of dedication, you can decide for yourself (as only you are aware of your udha), what level reached. You may wish to refer to the objects associated with those steps, which you have already achieved. You may also feel the need to acquire relevant steps things, using them according to indications of udhi.

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