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How to treat Pets from depriving?

In General, Pets that receive the necessary level of care from their owners, rarely get sick, and especially cats, no wonder there is a saying “heals like the cat.”

But there is one very unpleasant disease, which unfortunately exposed like cats and dogs, and, if this happened with your pet, without your help, he just can not cope.

We are talking about ringworm, this is a serious disease must be treated, the earlier the more chances for the speedy recovery of your pet. The danger is that it is rapidly transmitted to other animals who live in the neighborhood, and even on the same person.

Some 10-15 years ago vets didn’t know how you can treat ringworm, animals in which it was diagnosed, basically, or were thrown away or were euthanized (on the basis of the current legislation!).

It was believed that to save the infected pet is almost impossible, but today, to the great relief of pet owners, appeared effective medicines are able to save from this disease. What is ringworm in cats and dogs? All have certainly heard of it, but not everyone knows what he looks like and that is.

It is an infectious disease that can be viswanadha with various fungal species: microsporia and trichophytosis. Despite the fact that the way of influence from them, the result that we see on the skin of the patient animal, about the same, why they are all and United under one name ringworm. Continue reading

Center of traditional and folk medicine

For the past twenty-five years, first opened its doors to treat patients the Center of traditional and folk medicine. Now I can proudly say that we were the first. Pioneers is never easy, but, over the years, overcoming difficulties generously awarded by the international awards of the world level. So, a few lines from the story: in may, the ninetieth years of the last century, newly discovered self-supporting consultative — diagnostic polyclinic two years later became a medical Center. Then came the decision to combine it all sections of modern medicine and the so-called traditional or alternative medicine, including all aspects of the medicine of the Ancient East — Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Indian — Ayurveda, as well as traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment, scientifically substantiated and confirmed their effectiveness. This line in providing care to patients our staff continues to this day. A lot had to implement, and even more to rethink. Our long experience has allowed to relieve the suffering of many patients where modern medicine proved to be powerless. Life does not stand still, and every day there are new challenges that we face. Appear unconventional methods of treatment, new devices and new napravlenijam medicine. Much, even unthinkable at the beginning of our journey, now became a reality thanks to the cooperation and joint research scientists, biophysicists and our doctors. This is the evolution. Today in the Center are 75 experienced certified and certified physicians, many of which have the first and highest qualification categories, degrees. We continue to introduce non-standard, unconventional equipment and you will find it on our website. In addition, here you’ll learn many other interesting data and our comments on those or other sections of medicine. Get comprehensive, original answers to all Your questions. Continue reading

Folk effective weight loss methods

Folk effective weight loss methods free or 100 recipes of beauty. Considering the pharmacy kiosk showcase, in search of anti-cellulite remedies each delay view of the colorful pills and other means to lose weight. And ignoring the usual boxes with herbs. And in vain, because in them lies the whole secret of weight loss, this is a popular effective weight loss methods, proven over the years! The benefits of folk methods to treat different diseases (with proper and reasonable approach) is obvious.

Each of us, deep down, always dissatisfied with their figure. Let us even say that she’s perfect. But we do know where the “flawed lives”. And are always looking for effective traditional methods of weight loss free to fight the “flawed figure”.

There are various folk methods of herbal medicine. The most common traditional methods of weight loss are: the preparation of herbal teas and tinctures And what about those who suffer from the problem of excess weight, which bring a lot of trouble for people in terms of health. And also spoil the aesthetic look of the figure to say the least an ugly “crease”.

What are people’s effective weight loss methods which can be found free of charge.

This is primarily the exclusion of strict diets. They negatively affect the organism as a whole. Including in the diet of delicious vegetables, fruits and teas you will easily be able tolkovas weight and improve their health. The complex with amenities – private procedures, achieved an amazing rejuvenating and healing effect. Continue reading

Traditional healers

Scientists from the Institute of Linus Pauling at Oregon state University conducted a study in which he studied the properties of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other vegetables and fruits. It turned out that broccoli along with other cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage or Brussels sprouts, contains a powerful anti-cancer chemical called sulforaphane. It increases the production of enzymes that neutralize cancer-causing compounds, which, in turn, reduces the risk of cancer of the stomach and prostate.

To the question “do you Like to be treated?” many might answer in the negative. But do not rush to answer, because there are nice treatment methods. For example, such as juice therapy.

Our consultant dietitian Tatiana Malysheva .

It’s no secret that vegetable juices are a source of vitamins and very useful biologically active substances: cellulose, organic acids, pectin, essential oils. However, all this wealth fully possess only fresh juices. To prepare them for the future is pointless – for storage lost a good half use. They have to be taken not later than half an hour after cooking.

Treatment with passion

Vegetable juices it is advisable to drink no less than half an hour before meals or after 1.5–2 hours after.You can dilute them with water, but in no case do not add sugar or salt. Drinking juice is better through a straw or small SIPS, savoring in the mouth, is the fact that, mingling with the saliva, the juices are absorbed better. Continue reading

Chinese medicine

In this article I want to tell you about the treatment methods of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine is one of the ancient systems, which consists of various techniques. It includes the following areas: acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong, acupressure, massage. Chinese medicine aims to prevent, treat various diseases, based on restoring balance, harmony of all vital energies of the body.

Traditional medicine deals with the treatment of certain parts of the body, the organs that are affected by the disease, and Chinese medicine practiced completely different methods of treatment of diseases.

It is more global because it treats the whole body. If we consider the human body as a complex ecosystem in which all processes are interrelated, Chinese medicine believes that disease is an imbalance in this system.

According to Chinese experts (doctors), people are part of nature, man – nature itself. Doctors of Chinese medicine believe that the human body, as in nature, all subject to movement, the flow. Disease is the disturbance in the flow of internal currents Qi, the imbalance of States of Yin (dark, quiet, cold) and Yang (heat, movement, light).

As it is written in the ancient writings of Chinese medicine, Qi citiesalive fundamental matter. Qi represents the vital force that cannot be measured, it’s invisible. Qi itself cannot be observed, but to feel its presence. Qi flows in the human body (blood flow) (via invisible meridians, vessels). Man is healthy, if the movement of qi is correct, no difficulty. According to Chinese medicine, this is an important health condition. Continue reading

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