Pets will not worse than drugs

Biologists claim that almost all known animals on Earth in one way or another is able to heal from disease. But especially excelled in animal therapy those centuries live with us under one roof.

Now the world is witnessing a boom in animal-assisted therapy. In developed countries there are many clinics and treatment centres in which you can improve your health, communicating with various animals. Animaloterapiya work in nursing homes, children’s hospitals and even the U.S. army. And already scientifically proven that the owners of cats and dogs live four to five years longer than their peers, and rarely go to the doctor.

Animal therapy has lots of advantages. First, there are no contraindications, with the exception of an Allergy to animal hair. Secondly, it is entirely natural method of treatment and healing without medications that do not give adverse reactions. Thirdly, it is quite effective, scientifically justified and verified history. In addition, animal-assisted therapy is available to anyone regardless of social status and wallet, does not require special investment or special equipment. Finally, the healers-animals are not admit medical errors.

This furry creature eliminates a lot of trouble: uplifting, relieves stress, cures bessonnitsu hangover and even helps to lose weight. Extremely useful “cosmotherapy” for cores. With increasing arterial blood pressure in just a few minutes to pet the cat as it is reduced. There are known cases, when the cat was helping to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system of the paralyzed patients have been cured of schizophrenia, coped with heart attack, helped with hypertensive crisis. In serious situations the cat does not depart from the “patient” for several hours: not drinking, not eating, growling carefully, calming down only when the patient gets better. In the UK white cats treatment even sold in pharmacies. Scientists say that cats better treat the diseases of the nervous system, internal organs, and the cats are lovely healers degenerative disc disease, sciatica and osteoarthritis.

The cat attracts abnormal energy inflamed or damaged organ, and she seemed to absorb this negative energy in yourself. But in order to become your family physical therapist, the cat must fully trust you. Tailed “doctor” unmistakably identifies the sore spot and trying to cuddle up to him, warm, often while the animal began to purr.

By the way, cat’s singing not only the expression of emotion. Purring starts a healing mechanism that is similar to ultrasound treatment in humans. And the impact of ultrasound in the range of 20-50 Hz, which “sing” a feline Pets, increases bone growth and strengthens by 20 percent. Now the doctors are trying to use the cat purr for the benefit of man, for example, to stop the development of osteoporosis in the elderly.

“Cat” animal-assisted therapy affects the human body is multifaceted. First of all, is the bioenergetic contact between two living beings. When the cat fondled and master, stroking her hair, it is not that other, as the electrostatic influence of weak currents. What built the entire modern physiotherapy. So a cat is, in fact, home physiotherapy unit. And thanks to famous cat’s habit to launch the claws at the person annoying reflex zones and to the affected area the blood flows, as during a session of acupuncture.

But the cat is not only an extraordinary home of the healer, but also a very keen diagnostician. She can identify the problem area, which is emerging hotbed of disease, and in a timely manner to address prevention. So, sometimes, we never know what ailment deliver us home doctor.

In your house there was a puppy – then you are effectively preventing inactivity, colds and nervous disorders. Joint trips reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, and proved that the presence of the dog prevents the disruption resulting from nervous tension and stress. In the largest U.S. private psychiatric hospital work, sixteen dogs of different breeds. The results of treatment are impressive. One of the patients, a quarter of a century of hospital stay not uttered a word, began to talk… with a dog. There are amazing stories in Russia. Patient charitable scientific dog training center “Horde” (Moscow) Nadya suffered from severe autism. Doctors and teachers were not able to draw the girl out of her “shell”. But one of the four-legged healers have succeeded. Now Nadia has acquired a profession of the young cynologist and successfully engaged in the sports of dog breeding.

Above all, a dog’s language is a good antiseptic, as in dog saliva contains lysozyme – a substance that protects against bacteria and help heal wounds. And the dog on their own initiative often lick their owners scratches, cuts and calluses.

About hippotherapy (horse therapy) has been known since the time of Hippocrates. But seriously about the science of attention in the early 50-ies. The founder of modern hippotherapy is considered a Dane Liz Hartel. She was a passionate rider but polio had confined her to a wheelchair. Liz had insisted on in the course of her rehabilitation was included horse riding. In 1952 the brave woman has won a silver medal at the Olympic games for the disabled. After this riding school for people with disabilities began to open around the world.

Therapeutic riding in the first place for the disabled with injuries of extremities and spine, with partial or complete paralysis of the legs, muscle atrophy, infantile cerebral palsy, as well as those who suffer from curvature of the spine and posture. As a General revitalizing procedure horse riding may be used in the rehabilitation of patients who suffer severe cardiac and pulmonary diseases and vegetative-vascular dystonia. In England hippotherapy is used in psychiatry, dementia, alcoholism and drug addiction.

And other animals

The easiest way to organize at home animal therapy sessions with fish. Spend in front of the aquarium from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours and you are assured of relief from such nervous system diseases as neurasthenia, hysteria, obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurocirculatory dystonia. From the same illnesses help snakes, turtles and other amphibians. But unlike mammals, to hold and touch these animals should not be – cold-blooded give the therapeutic effect solely upon visual contact. Hamsters, mice or rabbits facilitate the state in diseases of the joints, helping introverted and insecure people to overcome the fear of socializing with strangers.

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