Rhubarb — the benefits and harms, recipes of traditional medicine.

Rhubarb is a perennial, quite voluminous herbaceous plant of the family Polygonaceae. In appearance the plant is similar to burdock, and the taste of sour Apple. It is unpretentious, accustomed in absolutely any ground conditions. In addition, it does not take much space in Your garden or summer cottage, but will bring You many benefits. The stalks of rhubarb need to be watered at least once in ten days. You should also know that the plant was poorly stored, so try to use it as soon as possible. In addition, it is not recommended to store raw materials in iron and copper containers.

Maturation of rhubarb is in early spring, exactly the time when the human body needs vitamins. And then the plant will be more than ever.

Harvesting of medicinal raw materials

In folk medicine used mainly the root of the plant. Do not use too young roots, wait a couple of years. More useful will be the plant that is not less than four years. Procure raw materials recommended in late summer, early autumn period. It is not advisable to apply for therapeutic purposes, the roots were collected in November or even later. The later You decide to collect the roots of plants, the greater the likelihood that it already does not have great medicinal properties.

Mandatory clean the roots from the remnants of the shoots,leaves and rot, and then thoroughly rinse from the earth and chop. As for drying raw materials, it is possible to do it better or in the open air, under a canopy or in a well ventilated area. It is desirable to store in boxes. Storage life – not more than five years.

Composition and health benefits of rhubarb

The plant is found in items such as:

acid: ascorbic, malic, citric, oxalic and succinic; pectin; carotene; rutin; catechin; vitamins b, C, PP, mineral salts.

Rhubarb is a dietary product. There are almost no fat. It may have a mild diuretic effect. For this reason it is recommended to include in the diet of people with this problem, like swelling. To this end, the rhubarb, you can substitute diuretic medication drugs to pregnant women.

Rhubarb is a laxative. It is necessary to eat those people who often suffer from constipation. In the petioles of the plant contains fiber, which helps normalize the functioning of the digestive system.

If the use of the plant in small amounts, you can achieve the opposite effect. People suffering from frequent bowel disorders you need to take note of this.

Medicines on the basis of rhubarb contributed to:

the intensification of processes of formation of blood cells; the strengthening of vascular walls; improved metabolism; better appetite; treatment of colds; vision restoration; cure of liver diseases; strengthen the immune system; to reduce the likelihood of development of coronary heart disease and acute heart failure ; the elimination of toxic substances and waste; increase the body’s resistance to negative influence of environment; treatment of beriberi ; strengthen hair and nails.

Rhubarb helps in the treatment of:

Rhubarb in folk medicine

Drug of rhubarb can be used both in preventive and curative purposes. Only mandatory before applying any medicine consult your doctor.

Infusion of rhubarb will help to establish the bowels. To prepare the funds You need crushed roots of vegetable plants and a glass of boiled water. After you pour the raw water, leave to infuse for twenty minutes. Filter and drink a third of a Cup of infusion before bedtime. It is not recommended to eliminate constipation, should be drunk constantly. It is advisable to alternate this medicine with other laxatives.

Rhubarb powder will help with diarrhea. Take the roots of the plant, clean off the ground and a good wash. Once dry, chop with a knife. The raw material is obtained again, dry, then grind using a coffee grinder to a powder. Before use, pour a pinch of powdered water. Use the tool multiple times a day.

A decoction to reduce the pressure. Take a couple tablespoons of dried stalks and pour boiled water, then put it on the stove and simmer on low heat for half an hour. Remove the broth from heat, cool and filter. Eat a half Cup a day.

The juice of the rhubarb beriberi. Take the stalks of the plant, clean and a good wash. Squeeze the juice using a juicer. Drink a glass of juice a day. Can add honey or sugar. Daily use of funds enhances immunity and the replenishment of vitamins.

Tincture of rhubarb from flatulence. Take 100 grams of shoots of rhubarb, chop and pour a liter of vodka. Leave to infuse in a tightly closed container for a week. Take twenty drops of tincture three times a day.

A decoction to treat anemia and tuberculosis. For cooking this means You will need the roots of rhubarb, celandine and dandelion. Chop, combine and mix all ingredients together, then pour boiled water. Put it on the stove and boil the tool for ten minutes. Remove from heat and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Take 50 ml of the decoction several times a day.

The treatment of fractures. Take the roots of rhubarb, forest mallow, crush and mix the ink with ground nut and barley flour. The resulting mass apply to the affected area. Can put the gauze and fasten with a bandage. The duration is half an hour.

The use of rhubarb as a preventive measure. The use of this plant food is an excellent prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and also the appearance is benign or malignant neoplasms. This is due to the presence of this herbaceous plant bioactive substances. In addition, conventional chewing fresh stalk of rhubarb for the shortest time will save You from the rather unpleasant symptoms of a hangover.

Contraindications to the use of rhubarb!

In no case should not take medicines from this plant to people with urolithiasis and cholelithiasis. The fact that rhubarb contains organic acids, and in rather big quantities. And they, in turn, trigger the formation of stones in the urinary and the gall-bladder and in the kidneys. Therefore, if You suffer from one of these illnesses, better give up taking these medicines.

It is also not recommended to take rhubarb for people with such diseases as pancreatitis and gastritis with high acidity, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

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