Shamans of Peru

Every desert Shaman, especially the Nazca desert. It can be opened and flying over her amazing lines, and walking through it, meeting the sunset and sunrise, which we did.

Dip and zavorozhennye.

Sunset we waited right at Aqueducto (mysterious large stone spirals down into the earth and connecting under a thick layer of soil with each other with stone passage, through which flows an underground river, built by the Nazca civilization and which are no less mystic than her pictures). Here we come another day to pass the final ritual of renewal and zakovorotny. It is, as always, was great. All participants underwent the ritual of “transition” in this underground river among aqueductal. Someone afraid, someone came to the brink of visions, many joined the memory of their birth and associated difficulties, everyone has their own, someone almost got stuck. Almost everyone at some critical moment arose the idea and the urge – do not go better but we found the strength to go forward to a new life. Interestingly, between some of the spirals a very small distance, just a few metres away, and to go under not so long. But, while there, under the ground, completely disabled sense of time and extent of space,as well as the personality and rational mind and it seems that going very long. And at some point, a crisis occurs: — “And, suddenly will never be released”, and I want to go back, though it is also scary as to turn, often, does not work. But, overcoming himself, go further, and suddenly the front starts to Brezice light, and it gives so much hope and joy as new life.

And here it is closer and closer, and now you are in the spiral and climb, go on it outside, in a natural and familiar world. All were asked to select the spiral to go and, since no one knew what would pass under the ground, it was like fortune-telling, reflecting his personal process of zakovorotny. Someone was stuck under the ground, climbed on all fours, knee-deep in the underground river, or even crawled. Participant Natasha, for example, was held under the ground easily, but when she came out in another aqueduct, it turned out that he is not in the first ring output (steps to climb) and she had to climb rocks that reflected the mystery of her birth. For someone was enough for one passage, someone like Nicholas, went under the earth further and further, believing that not enough. When nick was seven spirals he forgot that no further exits, and long enough to go under the ground before we realized that we should go. When he stumbled back from Aqueduct at this point it included Peter. This is probably the most unexpected and worst thing that could happen is to meet underground in the dark to touch with another person, in addition, steps have not heard from flowing water. Therefore, going in the dark, suddenly you have something alive. And if this person is Indian, then strong emotions are guaranteed. Therefore, if one wanted, just in case he took a flashlight.

These spiral Nazca civilization undoubtedly belong to the lower world, where the Incas the Snake, the jungle tribes – the Anaconda. Snake’s power goes up and down, and you notice the movement the spine. The descent and ascent spiral perceptibly swings and cleans something in the spine, this “something” is called in Eastern traditions the Serpent power or the Kundalini serpent. Force of development and transformation, resting in the base of the spine in the first chakra and waiting on and rise to the top of the head to reveal the top chakra Sahasrara. In order to direct the life energy of a person to achieve enlightenment. Here, in spirals, it becomes apparent that more ancient than the Incas, civilization of Nazca, it was all a lot easier. Exit up into space stemmed directly from the earth. Earth and sky were near, was not among them steps. It was quite a pull to break away and soar. And although since that time people became much more complicated and set myself a “ceiling”, but in essence, in order to escape from the dullness of everyday swamp and step into an incredible, fantastic world, one strong desire and breakthrough that will change your whole life.

The Shaman Of Peru.

Undoubtedly, the Shaman, accompanying and helping us the entire route and without stopping, was Peru itself. Peru – Mystical Empire, full of magical worlds. And each of them, whether it is its unique nature or a mysterious building remaining from ancient civilizations, as a virtual space in which a different consideration of the same, Chief. Moving between these worlds, is like a journey and transition between levels and entities in the virtual program, where the main character has a lot of amazing meetings, situations and experiences in order to become a true Hero.

In the desert of ICA.

The next experience of extreme sensations – on bugs in the desert. It was a real “roller coaster”, it is interesting that in Peru they are called “roller coaster”. We was speeding down the hill and immediately entered a new dune, where he jumped up and went down again. It seems, sometimes under a 90 degree angle, turned sharply, and, almost turned over and went further. For peace of mind were all wearing specially. Took our breath away. Many who have not tried this yet, not even imagine, what huge dunes so it is possible to drive. Sometimes we abruptly stopped at the top of huge dunes, getting out the snowboard and rode down developing speed of not less than on snow. When we finally stopped and watched the sun sinking over the endless waves of desert Sands, an altered state of consciousness arose immediately in the second minute of rest and stayed till night.

Last jump.

One more dive we took in the oasis of La Huacachina lagoon, sandwiched between the high dunes. Julia began the ritual, Alexander came a bit later, she gave him a round Calabash with seeds (made from pumpkin simple musical instrument used by shamans as a way to support ritual). A. never played it and all of a sudden he though he would have played in his hands, uttering diverse sounds of trance. The body began to move, and he went into a trance, not taking more than what assistive technology. In the specific rocking he walked between people and feeling state of the individual played, and it was corrected. Prior to this experience, A. I do not know what this ratchet can do so many different sounds and melodies.

Shaman – the ocean.

One, already past, a small extreme experience – diving in the ocean – in the tank when the gas light. In this case, as often happens, it happened when in group there was conversation about single Aitmatov’s story, where fishermen on the boat in distress at sea. And once started a discussion on what to do if this happens, what about food and water etc. the boat stopped. But the situation did not give the opportunity to enjoy such a surprise, as soon came another boat with a new portion of fuel.

We again went. Went to the most beautiful places of the national Park of Paracas.

Stopped at the beach and entered the water. Surprisingly the ocean was not cold, opposite, warm. We swam for several hours, jumping in big waves, no one wanted to leave, was not of words and thoughts. We just talked with the ocean, and were completely captured. Were wholly in the Present.

In this state the group and got on the plane: fly to Amsterdam and then to Moscow. So after all this experience, to open your life in amazing shaman, which we, out of habit, we don’t notice and whose name is Russia.

And more broadly – our unchanging, irreplaceable friend and companion, called simply “the Shaman Life.” To open it in its being from moment to moment. To enjoy and learn from it.

Shamans of Peru
Every desert Shaman, especially the Nazca desert. It can be opened and flying over her amazing lines, and walking through it, meeting the sunset and sunrise, which we did. Dip…

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