The art of healing.

“Now I’m healthy, and I want to be healthy, and that is and always will be!” – this is the position of the young organism. Good position. And may it stay with you longer! But if all of a sudden. something went wrong. It is necessary to return to a healthy state. Be healed. Moreover, to heal not only the body!

Like any work of art reflects the views of its Creator, and this center reflects my own approach to health and healing approach as a psychologist and as someone who went through all sorts of diseases, from the earliest of age with cerebral palsy, and later in life it has shaped to this day shapes my attitude to health — mental and physical, to the perception of his sores and the way he — man (Yes there “people” is simpler: we are with you!) cures or does not cure their disease. What is “disease”? Why, what is it we are given? And how to treat it then.

Below I have listed article Adrian Marsh, in which well expressed the attitude to disease, to healing, to life. The same attitude is shared by myself.

the head of the health center “Vnutrennimi healer”


— Health isn’t a miracle!

— Anton Pavlovich, and unless the disease is not an anomaly?

Traditional medicine and healing arts: view of man

The discrepancy between conventional science and the hidden forces of life are most clearly visible in the fields of medicine and healing. Modern medicine (or allopathic medicine) sees in a human being is just a complex mechanism. And for this view there is nothing but this mechanism, and the complexity of the human being is reduced to the sum of its parts. Therefore, if we understand how these parts operate, it is possible to fix human body — as well as any other mechanism, such as a car or a computer. That is, if some part doesn’t work, just delete or, if possible, to replace it with another. And by the same analogy — if your body hurts, you just need to delete, suppress or replace non-performing (i.e. sick) part. If the symptoms of the disease managed to destroy, such treatment in modern medicine is successful, and the body is cured.

The art of healing sees the human being as something much more than a collection of parts that work together. The physical body is seen as a “conduit” through which our true self expresses itself. And at the same time, it is not simply a set of mechanical parts — it consists of a multitude of reasonable creatures, only smaller, which are combined in one being — our body. Thus, healing has to do with the holistic nature of this collective being. Therefore, disease is understood as a violation of that integrity, i.e., in this collective being somewhere there is no balance. And that disease has a definite purpose — to show us what in our life needs attention. In other words, for our true “I” disease is the process of gaining experience and self-knowledge.

When healing is discussed in this context, it is imperative that in the field of medical science has expanded the understanding of the nature of life and started the search for such ways of using knowledge about the form that would help our true self to find your own path to natural health and balanced. In the art of healing health and well being of the human body already serve as the main measure of the success of the healing process, because our true self — our “inner healer” — with natural and holistic intelligence of the body knows best how to heal itself and restore balance.

However, often the disease is running and is fixed in the body. And although the body still knows how best to heal from a disease, he needs help to start to get rid of what is already firmly lodged inside of him. In this respect, the stimulation energy is the best help we can give the body that it was beginning the process of self-healing. This energy stimulation can come from many different sources — from healers of different directions to technical apparatus in which is embodied certain principles that are consistent with the nature and process of life.

The fundamental principles of life

These principles are:

1. Life is who-born (i.e., born anew each time) process, where the old die, giving way for the new in a continuous dynamic cycle. This fundamental principle implies that for genuine healing in the lives of our true “I” should be materialized is something completely new. The best way to help this is to understand that “life coming into materialization” is the source of constant renewal. This principle is the opposite of stagnation and decay, which are entrenched in our daily life. This is the initial impetus for openness and receptivity to life, updating it.

2. Life is one inter-connected whole, where no part of life does not function independently of the other parts of life. This means that changing one aspect of life will lead to the fact that all life will experience a boost from this change. This principle, known as the harmony (and he is associated with the line), says that all the components that make up a single whole, are in complete inter-dependence and inter-action. This principle also implies that each part has its purpose and role it should perform and what the overall goal — in this case, healing can be achieved when all aspects reasonably cooperate with each other.

3. Life is a gentle, natural process of evolution, unobtrusive and based on reasonable cooperation. This principle implies that our own true self is the best source of knowledge for healing. To start the process of healing requires only the impulse. And it is soft and subtle stimulus, which does not interfere with natural re-organization of the body. The body with its own intelligence will do the rest. This is completely opposite of allopathic medicine that tries to create prosperity through the power, destruction and suppression.

4. Life self-sufficient and supports itself — in the sense that once the process is started, the process is able to maintain itself to a natural conclusion — achievements at the end of the full Renaissance. Therefore, an approach to healing that is causing the addiction will only lead to counter-productive — whether it is dependence on stimulus or specific shape in the form of medication or even another person, doctor. This principle also implies the presence of warmth, life cannot develop without heat. This is similar to the effects of sunlight on the Earth in the form of a continuous flow of warmth that sustains life on the physical plane. So when is the principle of self-sufficiency, the impulse to healing will be supported and nurtured by the true “I”, which has all the necessary resources for self-healing and achieving well-being and, ultimately, rebirth.

5. The intention is one and only one omnipresent power that sustains life. This fundamental principle, perhaps the most powerful of all, as it implies that if the intention focused on healing the illness, this process will begin and, eventually, will lead to revival. Therefore, all support the healing process should be aimed at focusing the intention on the healing process.

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