The artist from Kursk “cures” pictures

Creativity 41-year-old artist cosmist Sergey Voronina many admirers around the world. After suffering clinical death his works were filled with content. With their help, kuranin trying to help others overcome the disease.

The professional winner of the international competitions Sergey Voronkin is famous not only in our country but also abroad. His paintings are in private collections in USA, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Poland. Several works from the series “Dreams of consciousness” presented to the eminent people – the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, the heart surgeon Leo Bokeria.

“Watched save me, from the side”

Sergey was born in Kursk in a family of workers. Prerequisites to become an artist was not, but almost from the cradle with the liveliness he took up the pencils and paints. Drew constantly, even at school – all lessons, apart FROM in the diary fell comments, but he undoubtedly was the best. Although his contemporaries thought him a bit strange, floating somewhere far away.

After graduating from art school, the young man found himself in sports – weightlifting, martial arts. Physical activity eventually become fatal. Failure in 20 years has divided life into “before”and “after”. Voronkin survived clinical death.

“After a workout, blacked out as if the lights went out, he remembers. – I was watching my body from outside. Saw the doctors trying to bring me back to life, passed electrical discharges. Then again the darkness, the feeling that dived in a bottomless ocean. Appeared unreal scenery and the feeling of weightlessness, euphoria. After some time again appeared in the body. As later told the nurse, the condition of clinical death lasted about three minutes, they were going to finish the CPR”.

One work from the artist can spend up to two months

After numerous operations and a long rehabilitation he returned to work. “The first time was so weak he could not stand at the easel and five minutes, says Kurakin. – To strengthen himself, began to learn breathing exercises, Oriental medicine, Boxing. But in creative there is a big change. I feel like I became a different person – inherent from birth abilities, especially intuition has increased dramatically. The experiences resulted in a vision bright and colorful dreams about fantastic worlds, planets, and stars. It was such pressure that I was very distressed, afraid to fall asleep”.

Sergey graduated from Moscow art Institute named after Surikov. He always aspired to be like the great painter, and learned a little from other Russian artists. And in Kursk, his mentor was Viktor Rykov.

Sergei himself had been working, leaving, as he puts it, in “creative binges”. “In a month 10-15 days I write, but so that at this time the rest of the world ceases to exist for me – smiling kuranin. – Go into the Studio, turn on the music and live there forever. Wife and friends are offended that I do not call”.

The treatment of example I. the space

Voronkin works in different genres, writes still lifes, portraits. Having traveled all over Central Russia, having been in Kaliningrad and the Urals, in Germany and the Czech Republic, found nothing better than nature of his native land. But the scenery is in his work as secondary. The main thing was and remains the direction of fantasy.

The artist’s works are in several medical institutions in Russia and Europe

Thoughts about space, the Universe, hidden in its depths mysterious worlds visited Karenina since childhood. Fantastic films, the novels of ray Bradbury, Kir Bulychev, and the Strugatsky brothers only increased the craving for the inexplicable.

“Even in terrestrial landscapes alien was looking for the beginning, – says Sergey. – If our planet has grown these plants and living beings came into existence, why ethereal can’t be like them? For example, I draw an oak, when he takes off the leaves, stylishy it, and transforms reality. Good or bad, but I as an artist in fiction like romance, fairy tales add. Make this world a little brighter, kinder, more interesting, and happy people”.

Perhaps it is due to this desire, his paintings have a special power. Many believe in their positive health effects. The artist’s works are in several medical institutions in Russia and Europe. From there comes a lot of letters of appreciation.

“Once, for instance, wrote of Russian-speaking emigrants from Britain, recalls Voronkin. – The child was moved to the heart is not a difficult operation, but hopes the doctors gave. He often asked me to show him pictures of “uncle Serezha”. A woman thinks: it helped because six months later the son went on the mend”.

During the rehabilitation period important external factors that can support and push to recovery. Sergey experienced it myself. “After clinical death I was able to get to his feet, he says. – Professor who saved me, I noticed that a person can successfully do the surgery, but if it has no life energy, after some time, he may die. I’ve seen a lot of those who cannot overcome the psychological barrier.”

In the hospital with him was the hockey player from “Wings of the Soviets”. Physically strong man after the illness has lost faith in himself, was afraid of little things. Even more difficult for women and children. “People with serious illnesses need the moral support, – says the artist. – Paintings and the example of my recovery I’m trying to help, to support, to convey to all, especially to children, that from every seemingly hopeless situation there is a way. World is not limited to medical wards, this is a huge structure with a limitless amount of energy. You can’t just give up and meekly await their fate. Certainly need to fight the disease, fight for your life, because to leave early.”

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