The secrets of Chinese medicine

According to Chinese medicine, the source of all ailments is the imbalance of Chi energy in the body. As the Chinese say, an inappropriate way of life can destroy the harmonious flow of energy to return then that would be extremely difficult. How to live, what to eat, how to cure these and other secrets of Chinese medicine see below.

Chinese healthy menu

To stay healthy, you must follow appropriate diet. According to Chinese folk medicine, the menu should consist of 40% of fruit and vegetables, 40% carbohydrates (grains – barley, rice, bran) and only 20% of energy-rich foods (eggs, fish, meat, sugar, dairy products) as they may cause stomach upset and lead to obesity. Food should be slightly warm, equal temperature of the body. The Chinese tend to avoid uncooked food – even vegetables and fruits are eaten as desserts. It is recommended to observe following rules:

1. You need fruits and vegetables grown on organic farms. This refers to the production without nitrates and fertilizers. It certainly is practically impossible in our conditions. Although if you have a household plot is a good way out;

2. Don’t eat pre-processed foods – canned and semi-finished products. Fresh food to prepare at home. So you serdobolye to know what you eat;

3. Food should be seasoned and flavorful. The Chinese are masters in the use of various spices. But they’re always natural – no “bouillon cubes” or granulated seasonings. The Chinese believe that natural spices not only enhance the taste of food, but also beneficial to the General condition of the body;

4. Food needs to be chewed carefully. It’s the staple of every Chinese. They eat slowly, sometimes lunch takes more than one hour;

5. Can’t drink during meals. Scientists have proven that consumed foods leads to digestive problems. Besides, with food, we eat far more than we need. The result is overeating and obesity;

6. You need to eat regularly, 3-4 times a day, starting with a hearty Breakfast;

7. Not to overeat.

Separation of products in Chinese folk medicine

Chinese medicine divides all the products into hot, warm, neutral and cold. The most valuable products are considered to be neutral. The abundance of hot or cold foods can lead to a serious imbalance of energy in our body. That’s why we should balance our diet. The body spends much less energy to digest food neutral, than if you take it hot or cold. Besides cold food cools the body and deprives it of life-giving energy.

Neutral foods: beans, beans, peas, cabbage, carrots, milk, wheat, cherries, grapes, brown rice, beets, bread, salmon, raisins, plums;

Hot: oil, smoked fish, onions, peppers, coffee, chocolate, curry powder and chili;

Cold: ice cream, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, yogurt, bananas, tofu, duck meat;

Warm: Hansel beans, cheese, ham, potatoes, peaches, garlic, chicken, leeks, beef.

Chinese medicine divides foods into five flavors that affect the functioning of various organs:

Acidic foods – inhibit the secretion of water and toxins, which act negatively on the liver and gallbladder;

Salt (seafood) – good diuretics (diuretics);

Sharp – deystvuyut negative for colon and lung;

Sweet (the Chinese is mainly carrot, chicken, rice, potatoes) – soothes the stomach and spleen;

Bitter foods (asparagus, broccoli, beer) – strengthening the digestion.

Do not hide anger!

One of the secrets of Chinese medicine – maintaining a positive emotional state. Overwork and stress for many years, holding in itself such feelings as fear, anger, aggression can destroy our lives. The anger inside of us – a time bomb. It leads to diseases, often intractable.

In modern civilization, people unfortunately not often able to recognize their hidden negative emotions. Their accumulation has a negative impact on our health, therefore, psychotherapy, acupuncture, treatment, Chinese medicinal herbs may give less effect than a simple Frank conversation with a close friend. The statement openly of their feelings can play an invaluable role in the human body, primarily in the sphere of emotions. The release of negative emotions within yourself, this quickly leads to well-being.

For the Chinese it is very important that the person in his life was always accompanied by a smile and joy. If you have a problem – talk to someone about it. Do not hide anger. Can give vent to emotions – to cry, to tear or break something. You’d be surprised how much easier it will become.

Five hazards to health

According to the secrets of Chinese traditional medicine, there are five climatic factors that have a significant impact on our body. These include: heat, dryness, humidity, cold and wind. Excessive heat can be very dangerous. It arises in our body due to overwork or excessive negative emotions. It causes fever, shortness of breath, and even dehydration. The influence of dryness experienced by people living and working in the Central heating. This leads to drying of the mucous membrane, hoarseness, dryness of the skin. The most dangerous is humidity. We must avoid staying in wet areas and can not afford to get wet in the rain. Moisture causes depression, joint pains, drowsiness, a very strong chills. The cold penetrates into our body mainly through consumption of cold food and therefore leads to a decrease in body temperature. The symptoms of hypothermia: upset stomach, frequent urination, constant feeling of cold, pain throughout the body. The wind affects primarily the upper part of the body. The result is cold, the appearance of viral and bacterial infections, ENT diseases.

Tips from Chinese medicine

1. Eat foods such as tofu;

2. Instead of red meat eat fish, chicken and beans;

3. Replace hot spices herbs a little softer;

4. Instead of coffee drink green and herbal tea;

5. Cow’s milk, replace the soy milk.

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