The use of medicinal herbs and oils

For inhalation use herbal decoctions and infusions one, and often a mixture of several plants. The temperature of this broth should not be higher than 50 degrees if you are doing the procedure with the help of a special device, but simply over a basin or pan. Otherwise you can get burns.

Inhalers are allowed in the higher temperature, but still, inhalations of boiling decoctions should be avoided, especially for children. It is best to breathe over the decoctions, which temperature is 30-40 degrees.

Cooking broth for inhalation:

Herbs for inhalation brew is based tablespoon of dried herbs per Cup of water.

Plants pour boiling water and heated on water bath for 10-30 minutes or, cover and allow to infuse for about 10 minutes.

Then, if necessary, the broth is cooled or heated to the desired temperature.

Poured into a wide container or a nebulizer and start the procedure.

Before the procedure you cannot eat for at least an hour and a half. And at the end of the hour you need to refrain from talking, Smoking, food, stay in the draft and visit the streets. It is best to lie down in bed half an hour after inhalation and to relax.

If using the inhalation, we treat the nose, you should breathe them, and in the case of diseases of the throat, pulmonary and bronchial breathing with the mouth.

Prodoljitelnost is 15 minutes for an adult. Children, this period is reduced to 1-3 minutes. The number of inhalations depends on health, but, as a rule, they make no more than 15 procedures per course of treatment.


I inhaled herbs have contraindications. In addition to allergic reactions to certain plants included decoction, inhalation can not be used with purulent tonsillitis, diseases of the heart or blood vessels, the propensity for nosebleeds and if the patient’s body temperature is higher than 37,5.

Herbal mixture is not recommended to use in the nebulizer. It is extremely harmful to the lungs because it is impossible to determine the exact dosage of medicinal plants and the concentration of the decoction, which means, instead of medicines, you can get the poison. And, in addition, small pieces of plant with the help of a nebulizer into the lungs, which also does not add health.

Inhalation for children

Herbal inhalation for children should be age of two years. This should be done under the constant supervision of an adult so that the baby does not get burnt. And, of course, before you put your child to breathe the steam, you first need to try its temperature independently.

In the treatment of children using inhalation decoctions temperature of 30 degrees. For older children it is acceptable to use more hot water – up to 40. But, in any case, not higher .

Children’s inhalation do 1-2 times a day for 1-3 minutes. Thus doctors recommend to use a special inhaler or container with a narrow spout, which is inserted into a long cardboard funnel. This is done in order to protect the child from burns.

Herbal treatments for children are very good to use the leaves of conifers: pine, fir, or if juniper, cedar. Useful dried eucalyptus leaves, Linden, black currant, chamomile, mint and sage.

In diseases of the throat and tracheitis for children recommend the following composition:

The sage leaves – 4 teaspoons eucalyptus leaves – 3 tsp. to 2 tsp. peppermint, chamomile and thyme, and 3 tsp. of pine buds and 4 tsp crushed root of elecampane.

Herbs are crushed and mixed. For one inhalation is taken 2 tablespoons of the mixture pour half a liter of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Before inhalation, the broth was heated to 30 degrees.

Inhalation during pregnancy

During pregnancy inhalation are one of the least risky ways to treat colds. Because this treatment applies to local – it does not harm neither the mother nor the baby. Most importantly, observe safety precautions and the right approach to the selection of herbs. For example, the mother-and-stepmother in pregnancy used for inhalation is not worth it. It is best to avoid plants that can cause allergies, because during pregnancy, a woman’s body is particularly sensitive to any stimuli.

Optimum herbs for inhalation during pregnancy will be chamomile, St. John’s wort, thyme, mallow and plantain, if you want to cure dry cough. In wet cough, the doctors recommend to breathe the vapours of the decoction of milfoil, Bur-marigold, rosemary or eucalyptus.

When a cold is useful for inhalation raspberry leaves, calendula flowers, flowers linen, flowers and herb thyme.

During pregnancy inhalation is carried out with the same precautions as in other cases. The number of procedures per day, if necessary, can reach six, but if the feeling is not very bad, then it will be enough and three inhalations per day.

Inhalation for dry cough

Well soften dry cough plants such as oregano, raspberry leaves, peppermint, chamomile and Clary sage. Well help with this cough a pair of conifers: pine, juniper fir.

We offer you some recipes for inhalation for dry cough.

The first collection

Mix in equal proportions Linden flowers, calendula, grass mother and stepmother and mint. Brew based collection tablespoon per Cup of boiling water.

The second collection

Mix the leaves of raspberry, sage and peppermint. Pour a glass of boiling water one tablespoon of the collection. Simmer in a water bath for 5 minutes and allow to cool to the desired temperature.

Fee for steam inhalation

This inhalation is best done with the help of an inhaler with a narrow nozzle or the kettle, the spout of which is inserted a cardboard cone.

To collect take chamomile flowers, herb St. John’s wort. calendula flowers and grass mother and stepmother.

Tablespoon of the mixture and steam it Cup boiling water.

Infuse. For inhalation, the broth was adjusted to a temperature of 45 degrees.

Couple of herbs inhaled via a cone of cardboard with his mouth only for five minutes.

Inhalations for bronchitis

For effective treatment for bronchitis recommended a steam inhalation. Are those in which the temperature of the decoction should be 45-50 degrees. Such inhalations should not be done in the presence of elevated temperature. It is also better in these treatments, breathe vapour solely by the mouth and not to steam the face to avoid burns of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as not to overload the vessels of the head.

A fee applied in obstructive bronchitis

Take one spoon of dry oregano, mint, eucalyptus leaves Linden flowers, calendula and chamomile.

To steam a liter of water two tablespoons of the mixture.

Let stand 20 minutes, wrapped the container of broth in a blanket or Bay in a thermos.

The resulting broth is heated to 45 degrees, add crushed clove of garlic and proceed with the procedure.

The collection rate for acute bronchitis

Take 10 grams of thyme, 5 grams of anise fruit, 20 grams tri-color violet and mother and stepmother.

This spoon collection steamed Cup of boiling water. Let stand.

Heated to 35-40 degrees, breathe the steam for 10 minutes.

Also for bronchitis, you can use a decoction of fennel seeds (teaspoon of seeds in 300 ml water) or a mixture of color elderberry, and oregano.

Inhalation at a cold

During inhalation at a cold need to try to inhale the steam through your nose. Even if the nose is very strongly laid down, trying to breathe it is necessary for them. Try not to be distracted until the end of the procedure, not to chill the maxillary sinus. Within hours after inhalation from a cold should not go out.

Herbs for inhalation with a cold brew as a General rule: collection spoon per 250 ml of water.

For the effective treatment of rhinitis is very well suited to the inhalation of conifers: fir, pine, juniper, larch .

You can also use eucalyptus leaves, raspberry and black currant. Suitable decoction of grass mother and stepmother, St. John’s wort or oregano.

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