Treatment methods of traditional medicine.

In terms of excessive use of chemotherapy drugs, unpredictable consequences which threaten people’s health, it is useful to recall the old methods of traditional medicine based on the use of healing medicinal plants and home remedies available. Drugs from medicinal plants have the advantage over chemical dosage forms that when consumed in the human body received a whole complex of related biologically active substances.

Infusions, tinctures, decoctions, oils and ointments from vegetable raw materials of traditional medicine acting on the body is milder, better tolerated by patients, is much less likely to cause adverse allergic reactions.

Medicinal herbs and plants have strong, useful and healing properties, which gives the opportunity to cure a huge number of diseases with them. The founder of the ancient methods of treatment was Hippocrates. He used his recipes of traditional medicine in the most ancient times, thereby healing people. The practice of treatment in folk medicine was used until the mid-nineteenth century. In Russia since ancient times was used the methods of treatment of natural origin, but, unfortunately, science has invented other lekarstvennih treatment, synthetic, sometimes made worse or even negative impact on the patient’s body. In ancient times, and now – the people’s medicine the best treatment method and treatment of many diseases.

What’s hiding under the words “traditional medicine”

The name of the medicine speaks for itself. It is the treatment of diseases, devised and tested by our grandfathers. Not for nothing about folk medicine, they say that it is the grandmother’s recipe to cure all ills. Even nature gave people a lot of medicinal plants that can be used in folk medicine. Unfortunately, people don’t always use this gift. A lot of us still have unexplored in plants, it is well known that each plant on earth has some medicinal properties, beneficial effects on the body.

Our ancestors several thousand years ago used exclusively traditional methods for the treatment of all diseases. The doctors of those times in many countries, such as China, Greece, Italy, were very competent people and they know all about plants.

The well-known Hippocrates treated people and healed them with herbs, he was the founder of folk medicine. Herbal medicines do not cause any harm to the body, unlike antibiotics, invented in the 20th century. After they began to produce EN masse, scientists have shown that herbal medication is much safer for the human body.

Thanks folk medicine one tool you can clean the whole body, today there are about 25000 of medicinal plants known to man.

Pathology is the science of the study of diseases that occur in the body. To start studying some diseases, it is necessary to know the pathological processes in the body that can be caused by various diseases. General pathology deals with the study of causes of diseases, inflammations of individual organs and of the tumors.

As a rule, at the beginning of the disease, the person’s General condition worsens, but sometimes it is what a cough in humans, can not say that he was sick. It’s just the protective reflexes of the body to prevent something foreign in the body. Do not assume sick people who constantly complain of feeling unwell and pain in different parts of the body, as some diseases occur covertly, without causing changes in my condition. The condition by which you can recognize a sick person, come on so slowly that from a healthy patient, first, to distinguish difficult.

The organisms are different and two different people, sick of the same disease, may feel differently, as the body reacts differently. One may fight and resist the disease because of stronger immune system, and the other is not. The symptoms of the same disease in different people completely different. Pneumonia-cough with sputum, second-headache, and breathing problems. Someone may die from the disease, and someone will be healed and forgotten. One scientist said that it is necessary to treat not the disease but the patient, because the illness is one, the symptoms are different, therefore and to struggle with illness is different. Every doctor for the most effective treatment must individually assign the treatment to each patient, including to recommend traditional medicines.

The use of medicinal plants in folk medicine

A lot of diseases can be cured because of our diverse and rich flora. In drugstores today, you can find any herbs that are needed to treat a particular disease. Gather herbs to experienced people, herbalists that can distinguish one grass from another and know their useful properties. Herbalists know that in populated areas and areas with large concentrations of cars, the grass to collect as it is quite dirty. Also it is forbidden to pick the plants at the roots, but only need to treat part.

Use collected plants for making infusions, filling them with boiling water and insisting, for example, in a thermos. An extract can be prepared in a water bath, after to insist and strain.

In addition to infusions, from the collected raw material is used for teas, filling them with cold water and bring to a boil on the fire to extract from plants the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins. Then you need to drain and add correct amount of boiled water. Like infusions, decoctions make enough for a single use or for one or two days, every time you need to do fresh infusions and decoctions for more effective treatment of diseases. If necessary, heating the infusion or decoction, it should be done in a water bath.

Of the collected plants are also tinctures made with alcohol use. The alcohol content in tinctures more than half of the total mass of tincture. Insist, as a rule, not less than 10 days and sometimes up to two months. Storage of liqueurs also requires certain rules, you need to store in glass container with tightly sealed lid, in a dry and dark place. Such tinctures are stored for a very long time, up to several years and retain useful properties. Taking them in no more than one tablespoon at a time. Most often tinctures are taking in the late autumn or winter, when the winter is coming but if there is a need for rehabilitation after surgery or prolonged illness, they are accepted at any time of the year.

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