Treatment Of Allergies In Animals

Using ALT in 2016 can completely cure allergies in animals 6 months after treatment. Long-term remission is 79%

Allergies to Pets can occur at any period of life, both in children and in adults. According to statistics 44% of the population is allergic to Pets. Among all the causes of allergies, this is an impressive 30%.

Allergic to animals (so-called epidermal) is a reaction not only to their hair, but on dead skin scales (dandruff). Cause allergic reaction not only can the epithelium of a cat or dog, but their saliva, sebum, feces, urine. But often allergens are: dog, cat, or sheep’s wool.

Usually, symptoms of Allergy to animal are evident within a few minutes after contact with pet or after a stay with him in the same room. However, sometimes delayed allergic reaction manifested within 12-48 hours, when about contact with animals and can not remember.

Allergy to animals:

violation of free breathing, congestion, itching and burning in the nose;

sneezing and profuse mucous discharge from the nose;

redness, itching eyes, lacrimation;

paroxysmal dry cough;


contact dermatitis: redness, rash, itching in direct communication with the animal.

Preventing allergies to pet dander

For a start, it should be understood that there are no completely hypoallergenic Pets (cats and dogs non-allergenic)!

The smaller the size of the dog, the fewer allergens it emits in the surrounding space. The smaller coat of a cat or dog, the fewer allergens it creates as a result of life. But to completely eliminate allergens from animals in the house is still not possible. Even if you remove the cat or dog from the premises, the allergens remain in it for up to six months!

Therefore, people with allergies will enjoy the answer to the question: “what animals are not allergic?”. Such is simply not allowed. Hairless cats (Sphynx breed) cause allergies on your selection in no less degree than its fellow, covered with hair.

What to do with allergies, how to get rid of allergies to the dander in 2016?

A clear recommendation of the allergist with epidermal Allergy – don’t have any Pets and to avoid contact with them. And already live in the house cats and dogs need to move further away from me because You create a real threat to their own health!

If You have noticed or your child shows signs of allergies to animals, it is better to forget about treating the symptoms of disease with the help of:

Antihistamines and tablets from the ads on TV (Kestin, loratadine, Zyrtec, Suprastin, etc.);

Hormonal and non-hormonal ointments and creams (Advantan, Elokim, Fenistil, etc.);

Various folk remedies in the treatment at home;


Grandmothers-healers and psychics.

All this has no effect on the cause of the disease and has only a temporary effect. Sooner or later You will exacerbation of the disease, until his transition in bronchial asthma.

Completely cure allergies to animal dander among children and adults in 2016 will help unique medical technology – autolymphocytotherapy (see below).

Problems patient allergic to animals:

The deteriorating quality of life due to disorders of respiratory function

Inability to keep home cats, dogs, hamsters and other animals

Excluded: visiting the circus, zoo, horse riding

Restriction of professional activity associated with contact with animals

The classic method ASIT allergies to cats or dogs does not apply due to the lack of therapeutic allergens.

Autolymphocytotherapy successfully treats the cause of allergies to animals (cats, dogs, etc)!

Autolymphocytotherapy” (abbreviated to ALT) is widely used in the treatment of patients with various forms of allergic diseases for more than 20 years, a method first patented in 1992 .

Children Allergy treatment for cats and dogs by the method of “Alt” is held after 5 years.

Adults can treat Allergy to cat fur or dog even in retirement.

The method of “Autolymphocytotherapy”, in addition to the treatment of “allergic to animals” is widely used for: atopic dermatitis, urticaria, angioneurotic edema, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, pollinosis, food Allergy, allergies to household allergens, Pets, allergies to cold and UV rays (Photodermatitis).

Method of ALT is out of competition, because ASIT (allergen specific immunotherapy) Allergy to animals is not carried out.

The method of “ALT” is to use your own immune cells – lymphocytes to restore the normal function of the immune system and reduce the sensitivity of the organism to various allergens.

With ALT you can simultaneously treat allergies to many different allergens, such as animal hair and house dust, tree pollen and cats, etc.

Don’t wait for spring, when the bloom trees and grass!

Treat allergies in winter and in summer, enjoy!

Only now You can save 3700 rubles on the course of treatment of Allergy using ALT

Autolymphocytotherapy on an outpatient basis, in allergological office by appointment and under the supervision of a physician allergist-immunologist. Lymphocytes originate from the small amounts of venous blood of the patient in sterile laboratory conditions.

The selected lymphocytes are injected subcutaneously into the lateral surface of the shoulder. Before each procedure is performed with the patient personal purpose input dose of autovaccine. In addition to our own lymphocytes and saline the autovaccine does not contain any drugs. Regimens, the number and rate of input of immune cells depends on the severity of the disease. Autolymphocyte are injected in gradually increasing doses with an interval between injections from 2 to 6 days. The course of treatment Allergy to cat or dog hair is 6-8 treatments.

1. – Blood samples 5 ml.

2. – Allocation of autolymphocyte

3. – Inspection allergist

and determining the dose of autovaccine

4. – Subcutaneous administration of his own lymphocytes

Normalization of the functions of the immune system and decrease the body’s sensitivity to allergens dog or cat hair occurs gradually. Cancellation of supportive symptomatic therapy is carried out gradually under the control of the doctor-allergist. The patient is given the opportunity for 3 free re-consultations within 6 months of observation after treatment by a method “Autolymphocytotherapy”.

The effectiveness of treatment is determined by the individual characteristics of the immune system. This process to some extent depends on a patient’s compliance with recommendations by allergologist during the period of treatment and rehabilitation.

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