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Inflammation of the facial nerve: symptoms and traditional methods of treatment of the disease

Now, probably everyone knows that an inflammation of nerve on the face is a very unpleasant and rather painful for the man. Usually the disease appears in people in old age. Inflammation of the trigeminal facial nerve may occur due to different pathological processes. But you should know that factors which contribute to this huge amount.

In this disease these are the symptoms: suddenly the person has severe pain in the face, jaw and nose. This can be compared to shock. It hurts that people can’t even touch the place. It usually appears on the face in the mouth area. Of course, the resulting pain in the face may for a while to leave, but she again occurs and may increase. But some patients experience persistent pain.

Some are wondering, who most often this disease occurs in men or in women? Most often it affects our dear ladies.

How to treat inflammation of the facial nerve?

The symptoms of inflammation of the trigeminal facial nerve and further complication may be only in the case where a nerve, which is located on your face gets swollen and highly inflamed. Half of the face can look distorted, your smile becomes ugly and curve. The eyes of man can not fully open. Here is all nativedatatype of the facial nerve on the face.

Remember that this disease in any case can not be ignored. If you start treatment, then after a few weeks you can see significant results. But to completely cure the disease you take time from three to six months.

Remember that the neurosis of the facial nerve is a very serious matter and that it’s with you never happened, you should try less to be nervous and worry, and if this happens, immediately take sedatives.

In young people this disease is quite rare. Usually it appears in women over the age of sixty. As practice shows, that the ten percent of patients may occur with a relapse of the disease appeared, that is, can suffer the second part of the face. It is necessary to consider also that moment that inflammation of the facial nerve the symptoms persist, unfortunately, for life.


Complete paralysis of the muscles of the face

Severe weakness of the muscles that are on either side of the face

The affected half of the face in humans seems to be sagging

As for facial expressions-it is very difficult to use

The person who suffers illness, very sensitive to other sounds

On the part of the person injured, there is a strong inflammation in the ears and jaw

Person totally or partially loses the ability to sense tastes

Often there is a headache

Increased lacrimation and salivation

Also, in some cases inflammation of the nerve can affect the two sides of a person’s face

The human brain is not working properly

Facial nerve palsy Photo

If you think that the illness getting to you then you must immediately seek the help of a specialist, as this may lead to stroke. Of course, the doctor should prescribe needed therapy and special exercises for the facial nerve, are required to be performed daily.

Remember that if you feel the disease in a mild form, the disease will disappear without trace. But if the disease is in advanced form, it can lead to serious complications. A person may appear just irreversible nerve damage. The person can appear nervous fibers are not managed in other parts of the body. The victim also may completely or partially lose their vision when drops eyelids (and your eyes will become dry). To understand that, sick or not, enough medical examination.

Traditional methods of treatment:

Pills “Lyrics”. They should be taken at bedtime for one, but if a strong painful cramping, then you need to take during the attack. If you drink these pills constantly, then the disease will take approximately a month later.

You need to constantly do a facial massage (Chinese acupressure massage). This will help you for a long time. But to do this massage person should know the location of points on the face. This massage has three directions: to nose, to teeth, to the eyes. Better to do this massage before going to bed.

Good help painkillers, such as cetanol, inflammation cleans well Finlepsin, diclofenac, indomethacin, magnesium. If you apply these injections, the patient will be gone in a week. The doctors say that the disease does not go away 100% if a person once had, then in future it cannot get cold especially in the winter and a hat to wear in the winter time.

Before bed recommend that person to tie a woolen scarf.

For treatment using warming up plus physiotherapy, and injections of painkillers and hot salt.

Some people have inflammation of the nerve can be due to the fact that they have a lowered immunity.

Don’t go out in the cold (especially in winter), do not eat cold food, it is strictly forbidden to eat the ice cream in the period of the disease. Take a cotton swab wet it with tincture of Valerian, and put into the ear. Also, except for the Valerian you can use the alcohol or ointment warming. Ointment asterisk seems to work. You need to drink a lot of tea and lemon.

Remember that inflamed facial nerve maybe because of the strong fatigue, colds, nervous breakdown. This often occurs in young people and it can give a boost to. Often people can’t determine what they have inflammation, because it starts to hurt in the lower or upper jaw. Some think it is a toothache, but they are sorely mistaken. All the jaw just can’t ache. Do not forget that if not treated inflammation of the facial nerve, the person may develop neuritis of the nerve on the face, and this is much worse.

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